Why should you go Pro on Codepen?


Go Pro on Codepen

Well, hello! codies as today we are going to talk about your favorite Codepen. You all might have used Codepen once or twice in your life. So, guys, you must know that how useful and important is this tool for coding. Well, that is a topic for another day and we will discuss features of Codepen some other day. As today we are going to focus on only “Why should you go PRO on Codepen“.

I can provide you numerous reasons for this question, but today I’m only going to stick with 4 basic reasons. Because trust me these 4 reasons are perfect to push you towards the PRO Codepen. Let’s solidify our reason to go PRO on Codepen.

#1. No fuss in using Debug View.

Debug View means viewing your generated pen without CodePen UI around it and no <iframe> surrounding it. So, basically, it is a raw data and has the great danger of being manipulated. This is one of the dangerous things for the developers. Debug view works on very basic principles, either you log into it or simply get PRO membership.

Well, logging in isn’t a big issue and can be done easily on a desktop. But, real issues arise when you want to shoot over a Debug View URL to your phone or to Cross Browser Testing or something else. But, if you are PRO Pen owner then you will never face this problem and can check Debug View on any device.

#2. Set a Collab Mode.

This is a very interesting feature offered by Codepen. This is similar to Google Drive where numerous people can share their work together. But, it is more powerful than Google Drive. With Collab mode, two developers can work simultaneously together on one project. To activate this feature no extra efforts are required, just provide the link to another person.

This feature is very beneficial for two developers who want to work together. The companies can conduct an interview with remote employees or person can learn new coding skills from professional programmers with this feature. As you might have guessed by now that you need PRO Codepen for the Collab Mode.

#3. Easy Drag and Drop feature.

Being a developer you are always in hurry and have to accomplish a thousand jobs in a day. So, to reduce your little stress Codepen has easy drag and drop feature. In which you add an element to your project by simply mentioning its URL code. Suppose, you want to add an image, so for that simply drag and drop the URL of your image. With the PRO Codepen, you can even drag and drop items to sidebar also.

#4. Private library.

With PRO version of Codepen, your privacy is fully kept intact. You can make unlimited Private Pens and Private Collections with the private feature of Codepen.  You’re only limited to Private Projects by the total number of Projects on your plan. This feature makes the PRO Codepen worth able. As you can store your rough ideas in private save without getting affected by tidbits.

Well, now folks, I have made myself fully clear on the subject “Why to use PRO on Codepen”. So, now go PRO!

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