Google Drive vs DropBox!


A brief look at Google Drive:

Cloud computing storage is the new method of safely storing your valuable files, whether they are docs, images or video. Cloud storage is very effective way to store important documents securely and to further easily access them anytime. There are plenty of cloud computing service providers are available, some are free and some are paid. But the most used cloud storage service by the users is Google Drive.

As it is clear from the name that this dynamic service is offered by the Google itself. And this Google drive is free up to 15GB utilization and that is very useful for the small businesses or individual users. One can easily get connected with the Google Drive by the help of their Gmail account. Google always tries to add new useful features to the drive to make it more user-friendly. The experts of Google recently revamped few sizzling features into it and we are going to share some of the hidden secrets of the Google drive with you all. So, let’s get more productive with the cool features of Google drive.

  1. Few Google Drive users complaints, that it is hard to locate the recent file on the drive and they get lost in the pile of files. So, you guys can simply use the workaround. Like, by adding .jpg you can easily filter your images and .doc goes for the document file.
  2. Quick access is a new feature adds a belt of thumbnails across the top of the My Drive view that gives you, well, quick access to recently modified files. Just by clicking on the Drive setting this feature can be easily accessed for quick access.
  3. Google Drive also provides quick search option for the users who had years of files stored in it. With the filter search option, they can sort their files according to file type, date modified and owner.  The user can also filter the files they have shared with someone also very easily.
  4. No need to share the whole file with the Google drive as users can send the link of the file with one simple click.
  5. Now with the single click backup setting users can create a backup of their contacts, calendars, notes etc.
  6. In the Google drive, you have got a few options for clearing the formatting for the text you paste into Docs. You can highlight the text and select Normal text from the toolbar at the top.


Google Drive vs Dropbox:

Apart from Google drive, Dropbox is the most used cloud storage service. From outside both might seems same, but originally they are far from alike. While Google Drive focuses on collaboration and real-time editing, Dropbox is a good old fashioned cloud storage service. Dropbox offers two different online editors, Microsoft Office Online and Paper. Which makes the process complex for the users. Whereas single editor of Google docs is a very convent for the users and other one touch features of Google drive are very nice. So, in the fight between Google Drive and Dropbox, without any doubt, Google drive always come out as the winner.

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