Google goes big in Asia with mobile payment app “Tez” for hundreds of millions of people


Google enters mobile payment market:

Okay, so Google is getting bigger and bigger every day, and always ready to expand their work criteria. This time Google is going to target the Asian market and blaze it with their new mobile payment app. Asia is right now a gold mine for the western companies and with the impact of digitalization, Asia is becoming next fine destination for money hungry sharks. Especially, India is top in the booming Asian countries list. Moreover, the policies of Indian government are in favor of digitalization, that’s Google is presenting new mobile payment app only for Indian users.

Google’s “Tez” is ready for you!

Google selected a very Indian name for their new mobile payment app. “Tez” stands for fast in Hindi and with this unique name, Google is giving warning to their competitors. The app is strictly designed for the Indian users as the demand of digital means for payment has multiplied in India after the effect of demonetization. That’s why Google wants to encash this opportunity in India where 300 million smartphone users reside and a number is growing rapidly. Well, if you are wondering, what different Google is going to offer, which no other existing payment app has been offering already, then look at the features of Tez app.

What’s Different about Tez app?

#Well, in the beginning, Google made its app slightly different from already available apps. ¬†As Google made positive it labored with India’s nationwide Unified Funds Interface (UPI), a fee system backed by the federal government and 19 main banks within the nation.

#This app has reduced the burden of maintaining separate e-wallet cash as this app directly linked with your financial institution. So, unlike Paytm and other payment apps where you have to add money to your account with this app all such hassle will be eliminated.

#Moreover, it is highly easy to register with this app. Just download the app from your Google Play Store or App Store, and enter your respective cellphone number and financial institution name plus UPI I’D. After that you will get SMS with enrollment details, that’s super easy manner to register.

#Okay, so if you don’t want to share your financial information with anyone else, then this app solution for it. Its “money mode” possibility presents proximity-based switch and searches for one more smartphone close by with the Tez app. You may then ship or obtain cash from whoever’s beside you. But, you can only transfer money up to INR 10000 only with this option.

Future of Tez app:

Well, apart from brand name Google the Tez app has some really nice features. If we talk about the future of Google payment app in India, then we can say this ride isn’t going to be smooth for Google. As they have already tough competition from the Paytm and soon biggest messaging app WhatsApp is also going to launch payment app. So, the payment app market has few nice surprises in store for us, so let’s wait and watch for Google Tez future.

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