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Larger is always Better

Well, we always appreciate something extra and seems like recently social media and search engine operators have understood this phenomenon. As after the Twitter declaration of increase in tweets character limit, Google has increased the snippet limit in the previous month. Where few people are happy after getting the extra characters to write meta description, but on the other hand SEO experts are worried.

So, SEO experts we would like to say don’t worry as this large snippet is a good change, but just required a little adjustment. That’s why we in this post are going to discuss this new Google snippet and how will this effects SEO.

What Has Changed?

This December Google has made drastic changes in their snippets. Mainly two main changes have taken place in Google, first, the length of Google snippet has been increased. And, moreover, the guidelines rules revolving around it are also changed. Such as, one major change is that earlier only 150-180 characters are allowed to create meta description. But, now this rule has been eliminated and no limit has been designated for meta descriptions.

But, Danny Sullivan tweeted about it and recommended bloggers to keep the meta descriptions below 320 characters limit. Moreover, other experts searched and found 300 characters limit is more than sufficient.

What Did This Change mean From The SEO Purpose?

From SEO of point of view, this Google change will bring out lots of new things, such as:

  1. Change in method of writing a meta description.

    This larger characters limit will change lots of thing for us bloggers. We need to revamp the meta description writing strategy. Earlier we have limited space, so we only write down cryptical meta description. But, now as we have more space, so now Google expect from us to write a more brief meta description. So, now we might have to sacrifice few clicks to get better Google ranking.

  2. It may impact click rate.

    This new change might affect negatively or positively the click rate. Well, this may go two ways, either reader will get all the information from the long description and they won’t click. Or they get more clicks on some more complex queries because people are more enticed by the longer description. But, for the actual outcome, we have to wait up for few months.

  3. Competition for Google Ranking is going to increase.

    Earlier, with 2-3 line description of websites, Google shows 8-9 top websites related to search. But, with the 4-5 line description this number might reduce and if people get required information from the first link, then why would they look ahead.  Thus, competition for Google ranking is going to be tougher.

What Should SEO Expert Do?

Well, apart from changing your SEO strategy as per larger snippet. SEOs need to revisit their older landing pages and increase the meta description for them. Don’t change meta descriptions of all your old posts, simply change for those which have higher views. Otherwise, for more information, we have to wait little longer and meanwhile we can only hope that Google’s longer snippet change turns out good dynamic change for us.

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