Why growth of the technology won’t affect the existing developers in the market?


Technology vs Human being?

As with the development of the sector of the technology, this question has been always raised by the web developers or computer experts, that with the automation technologies like AL, data science and machine learning will their need in the market reduced. Well, there is a simple answer to this question, that the development in the technology sector was never threat for your jobs and will never be. So, this is just a mere myth that the technology will eat out your jobs, on the contrary, it will create more job opportunities for you.

The development is never a bad, some developments may be slow and their results can be seen little late, but all developments always bring something positive. There might be few changes in the job sector with the enhancement of this technology, but it won’t impact much.

Impact of technology development on the market:

The technology improvement will change few prevailing trends in few sectors, but all for the betterment of web developers.

  1. New job opportunities will increase.

    Yes, instead of a reduction in the job sector this technology improvement will create more job opportunities in the market. Let’s take an example, there has been tremendous chaos when the ATM’s were first introduced and there are rumors that it will take banker’s job. But what actually happened? The average number of tellers at any given branch did go down, 43% MORE branches opened between 1988 and 2004, resulting in a net increase of jobs. The impact of ATM’s are so nice that the bank employees no longer had to spend all their time doing the mundane, routine, repetitive tasks—they were freed up to engage in more “human”-centric activities like sales and customer service.

  2. Automation technology will ease out life.

    The introduction of automatic technology systems such as machine learning and Al will improve the lifestyle. This will help in focusing on the important task rather than on leaving the unimportant task to the machine. For example, instead of wasting four hours of time driving your car in commuter traffic because you live in an area with no viable public transportation, you could be sitting in a self-driving car writing, coding, talking, thinking, dreaming, inventing, what have you.

  3. Change in the job style.

    With the advancement of the technology, maybe little change in the job style can be noticed. Such as with the adoption of computers in the workplace and employees need to use it for their work, instead of the old manual method. As with the usage of computers, more work can be done in less time, so this a positive change in the job style.  Moreover, this change can be easily adopted by learning the new technology as learning new things is always good.

Final Result

So, in my final result, I would like to just say that technology development will never affect the jobs in the market. So, no need to get scared of the new technology changes and instead of imposing them, we should start to learn and adopt the new achievements of the technology.

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