Guide to Optimizing WordPress Performance


Enhancement of WordPress Performance:

WordPress is the most dramatic tool used by web developers nowadays to design their websites. WordPress is the simple and easy platform to create and host websites, this site has been used by more than 25% of web developers. And numerous big brands are nowadays using the power of WordPress. But, being the most popular platform doesn’t mean, that it is free from faults. WordPress has its own limitations, but these limitations can be easily removed by using the right methodology by the developers. So, in this blog, we are going to discuss the effective manner that can be used to improve the performance of WordPress.

The few simple tricks to amplify WordPress Performance:

  1. Timely update

    WordPress site needs regular updates and web developers to improve the performance of their WordPress site have to make changes in it. The up gradation of the site not only improves the outlook of the website but also removes bugs from it. The slight change in the theme and plugins of the website can be very encouraging for the performance of the website.

  2. Utilization of Excerpts

    In WordPress as per the default setting, the content of the whole article can be seen at the homepage, which results in the less time of readers on your site as they can read full content without even visiting your website. So, here use the Excerpts to show little content on the homepage and encourage readers to spend more time on your website.

  3. View comments on the page

     Well, getting a comment on the blog is a dream of every writer, but normally it takes plenty of time to load comments and that’s why readers avoid reading them. But for that problem, WordPress has a very cool solution. WordPress comes with a built-in solution for that. Simply go to Settings » Discussion and check the box next to the “Break comments into page” option.

  4. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) 

    Sometimes due to the different country serve it gets slow for WordPress sites to load. For example, if your hosting server is of US, then opening it in India might take more time. Using a CDN, or Content Delivery Network can help to speed up loading times for all of your visitors.A CDN is a network made up of servers all around the world. Each server will store “static” files used to make up your website. Static files are unchanging files such as images, CSS, and JavaScript.

  5. Don’t upload direct YouTube video

     WordPress provides a very nice option in which you can directly upload videos from YouTube. But try to avoid this feature as this might reduces the speed of your website.

  6. Pay attention to theme 

    While designing your website pay attention on the theme you are selecting. As some themes, might seems very nice, but their coding is so poorly done that it reduces the overall performance of WordPress site.

  7. Split blog 

    Readers love to read long and meaningful blogs, but insertion so many images and content in one blog can slow down the website. So, try to split long blogs into pages.

Follow these few simple easy tricks and run your WordPress site without any problem.

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