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iCloud Keychain is a password manager for the Macs, iPhones, and iPads. It is strictly designed to keep the credit card details, wifi password and other important passwords safeguard while making it easier for users to remember all the complexed passwords. However, numerous Apple users are not familiar with this feature.

The function of iCloud Keychain

Whenever you enter a new password in the safari, you might see the option where iCloud Keychain ask if you want to save the password for future. So, if you like ‘yes’ and have been using iOS 7.0.3 or later or OS X Mavericks 10.9 or later, then your password will be saved securely in iCloud. Once you have securely saved passwords in your Apple iCloud account, then you can easily access from any Apple device logged into your Apple ID.

  • Your Safari website username and passwords.
  • Credit card information
  • Make sure that all your emails, contacts, calendar, and messages are synced on all your Apple devices
  • Protect your all social media accounts

How does it work?

iCloud Keychain feature must be enabled on your all Apple devices if you want to enjoy this. If any of your devices aren’t able to access this feature, then you can’t enjoy the automatic feature and have to manually insert all the password details every time.

How to use it?

When you are registering for a new website or service on your safari, you will be asked to enter information in each field. iCloud then will populate these fields such as your name and date of birth. You will be asked to create a new password. Whenever you click on the password field, you will see one small item appears, by tapping on it your saved iCloud Keychain password will appear. So, you can simply access your accounts without remembering the passwords.

How to add credit card information?

You can also save your credit card information to the iCloud Keychain. By following the given method you can save information of your credit card;

  • Mac users can open Safari’s Autofill items. Search for credit card items and click on edit. This way you can add new card information or can delete card information, once you are done tap on it.
  • iOS users like iPhone or iPad can visit the settings, then Safari >Autofill. Here they can choose to enable and disable AutoFill feature. Tap on your saved credit card information and you will be able to delete or add new information to your card.

How to enable and disable iCloud Keychain?

You can easily enable and disable this feature on your Apple device by following these instructions;

  • On Mac, you have to open system Preferences>iCloud>Check (or uncheck) Keychain. After that, you have to add your Apple ID and follow a series of instructions on the screen.
  • On iOS, in settings, open Apple ID>iCloud>Keychain Toggle to on (or off). Once again, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID and follow a series of on-screen instructions.

Safety of iCloud

Many of you must be thinking that is it safe to use the third party vendor tool with your sensitive data. Well, in that case, you need to chill as it is published by a developer with the resources to act promptly in the event a comprised is found. Moreover, security experts at Apple regularly try to find flaws in their system and try to improve it. So, the best way to keep your data safe is to constantly update your Apple software.

So, overall iCloud Keychain is a great tool for Apple users, only if they use it smartly.

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