Let’s Build RESTful API Using Node.js, But Whether Should I Use Express.js or Hapi.js


Node.js Cool Frameworks

Well, if you are new to the Node.js, then in simpler words Node.js is runtime framework which allows the user to test JavaScript codes in the real browser. Node.js is supported by the Google Chrome V8 VS engine and allows developers to test their all JavaScript codes.

Node.js has a big happy family where numerous frameworks are available to help out JavaScript codes. Such as Hapi, Express, Koa, Meteor, Derby, Flatiron, Mean.IO, Mojito, Socket, Stream, Sail.js. Moreover, new node.js frameworks have been developed very rapidly, so it’s totally up to the user which Node.js framework should he use for the projects.

Usually, the selection of Node.js framework depends upon the requirements of the project. Like, if you want flexible and from the ground level working framework, then Express, Hapi, and Koa are the ideal choices. But, if you want to use a more structured framework, then you should go for Mojito, Derby, Meteor and Mean. And, if you are looking for a strong API framework, then nothing is better, then the LoopBack, actionHero.js, and Restify.

But, however, in this post, we are going to tackle two functional frameworks called; Hapi.js and Express.js. Because these two are totally cool and interesting frameworks of the Node.js family.

Hapi.js is an open sourced Node.js framework that creates some seriously dynamic web applications and websites. This Node.js framework is created by Eran Hammer, who grew in popularity as the Sr. Architect of Mobile Platform at Walmart. It is said that Hapi.js is named Hapi because it offers a happy environment for the developers. It makes the configuration easy for the user.

Express.js was developed by the TJ Holowaychuk in 2010 and it is assumed to be the most successful de facto HTTP server framework. It was originally launched in 2009, but due to some complexities doesn’t able to be realized properly. It is integrated with minimal and flexible Node.js web application and integrated with a robust set of features.

Quick Review of Hapi.js

  • It is configuration centric.
  • It is the most developed and authentic server.
  • Hapi.js is thoroughly well-tested framework.
  • All the modules are 100% tested.
  • It has the highest level of abstractions.

Quick Review of Express.js

  • It is the most popular and tested node HTTP framework.
  • It is a primary and most flexible framework.
  • It doesn’t obscure Node.js features.
  • Express.js offers a robust set of features.
  • Quick Comparison Between The Hapi.js and Express.js

So, folks, before selecting the Node.js framework for your next project, let’s draw a comparison between Hapi.js and Express.js:


When we compare the hapi.js and Express.js on the ground of web performance and loading speed. Then, every web developer has its own opinion on the fact, but considering the opinion of the most reviews, Hapi.js stands on the higher level.

As Hapi.js works on the different routing mechanism, which can do faster lookups, and take registration order into account. This is a far better than the slow learning curve of the Express. Moreover, Hapi.js plugins, numerous services, and facets can be separated from one another which can be helpful developers in the future.

Creating Server

In Hapi.js, you have to install the Hapi.js on the system to use it. This whole installation process goes like: npm init and follow the prompts to create a package.json file. Next, Run: npm install –save hapi to install Hapi and save it.


Well, in the department of usage Hapi.js again wins the battle. The big organizations use Hapi.js as express.js fails to satisfy them. Because routing in Express.js is big trouble as Express Middleware also comes between, every time route has to be defined and you have to write a number of codes with the Express.js.


In our final remark, we have concluded that Hapi.js is better than the Express.js in every front. Such as it has light and flexible API, easy to use plugin architecture. So, in our test, Hapi.js wins, but in the end, it is your personal choice to pick the Node.js framework.

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