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Hi, Hitesh here.

Hope you all are doing good. Finally, we are catching up with our blog section. Writing a regular style blog is not my cup of tea. I am a regular programmer and needs a programming tool to write articles. I am not a pro person in English and I make hundreds of mistakes.

But this doesn't mean that I don't want to share or I will not share my thoughts with the programming community. Not just thoughts, I want to share code snippets, walk-through guides, instructions steps, and more.

I was a little frustrated with WordPress and was about to move to Ghost but exactly on the same day, I had a few calls, a few emails were exchanged and here I am at hashnode.

I will share more in near future, once I get a little free from some current contract works. The current update is that we will be hiring more people for code friendly articles. We will look for lots of community driven articles too. For these contributions, you will be rewarded well both by LearnCodeOnline and Hashnode Team. I am in the middle of talking with some more teams like AWS, Firebase, Digital Ocean, Cloud ways, and more.

I don't know how successful these meetings are going to be but whatever will come from these teams, will be 100% redirected towards the community.

There is a lot to share. So, keep an eye here too. Looks like I got a platform to share thoughts apart from youtube.

Hitesh, Your programming friend.

Sandeep Panda's photo

Hey šŸ‘‹ Welcome to Hashnode! I am sure you will have a great time here!

Victor Adeshile's photo

I love his spirit. Great to have you on here Hitesh Choudhary. I'm a big fan and follower. We are unto greatness now that you're with us on Hashnode.

Rutik Wankhade's photo

āœØ Welcome to Hashnode community Hitesh sir, Love all your content on YouTube and LCO. šŸ™Œ Glad to see you here.

Atharva Shah's photo

It's really great to see you here on Hashnode. The community is truly amazing. Looking forward to learning a whole lot more from you. Keep blogging!

Bhargav Ponnapalli's photo

Oh boy, Hitesh Choudhary is here! Love your work. Big fan!

Piyush Sinha's photo

Woah šŸ˜

Hrithwik Bharadwaj's photo

Welcome to Hashnode Hitesh :) . Love your tutorials and courses. Glad to see you here

Hitesh Choudhary's photo

Thanks, Hopefully, we will bring value here as well

Devalla Sai Charan's photo

Hey Hitesh. Very happy to see you to be a part of this awesome hashnode community. Hope we will be seeing lots of great content from your side.

CapsCode's photo

Hi HITesh. Welcome to Hashnode

Victor Adeshile's photo

Hi Hitesh Choudhary, Been trying to purchase your Full Stack MERN Bootcamp course on LCO, but not been able to complete the payment(got errors completing the payment), could you help me with this? I sent a mail with the "help" link, not sure you got that as I haven't gotten feedback. I don't live in India yet, I want to participate. Looking forward to hearing from you, Thanks.

Mohd Shad Mirza's photo

Welcome to hashnode, Hitesh.

Shashank Biplav's photo

Hi šŸ‘‹ Hitesh, I guess some fun programming blogs are on the way just like your youtube tutorials šŸ˜€

Hitesh Choudhary's photo

Setting up the lineup and plans for articles too. Very programming friendly.