Highlights of FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) 2017 Internet Crime Report


FBI Data On Cyber Attacks Of 2017

The world is today facing one of the biggest threats from the cybersecurity field. As today everything is online, from doing business to receiving payments. Everything starts from the dark world of the internet and everything ends in this black hole also.

The crimes related to the cyber world is increasing rapidly every day. That’s why the world’s best investigation agency, FBI has drawn their report on the internet crimes. And, trust us, fellas, the data and the facts presented by FBI in their 2017 Internet Crime Report can shock you to the core.

That’s why to aware our readers about the lurking threat of the internet crime, we would like to share main points of the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) 2017 Internet Crime Report with you all.

Internet Crime Costs $1.42 Billion In 2017

Yes, you are reading right according to the FBI IC3 report, victims have lost around $1.42 Billion in the single year. Well, now if you are wondering all these cyber attacks were super technical and big corporate companies have lost their money with it. Then, you are utterly wrong.

Because out of the cases reported, 33% of the cyber attack cases were related to nonpayment or nondelivery. In the whole year of 2017, 84,079 cases of this category were reported.

In these cases, either the goods have been shipped and then payment isn’t made or the payment has been made and then the goods have not been delivered. This malpractice has almost caused loss of $141 million. So, it means that main set back for the online businesses are the people who don’t understand the meaning of honesty.

Breach of Personal Information

Okay, so the second method which has been recorded in the FBI report indicates towards the breach of Personal Information. Last year, 30,904 cases of personal breach are filed causing the loss of $77 million to the victims. Moreover, the phishing attacks rounded out the top three, hitting 25,344 victims and costing them nearly $30 million.

Ransomware Attack Isn’t That Much Of Problem

The famous and popular WannaCry, ransomware attacks fell in 2017, but still, the attack captures the no. 24 position in the FBI report. The report shows that 1,783 incidents reported in 2017—down from 2,673 in 2016 related to the ransomware attack. Which almost causes loss of $2.3 million to its victims.

Other Vital Highlights of Report

FBI has indicated few another prevailing trend in the cyber sector in their report. Like, Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC) have added up $676 million to the cyber loss amount. Whereas BEC has targeted the business houses who gets foreign online payments and on the contrary, EAC has victimized individuals.

Moreover, according to the report, tech-based crime has also affected people in 2017 with the whopping amount of $14.6 million.

So, guys, cybercriminals are waiting for your one wrong move and they will immediately pounce upon you. That’s alert and use internet with the extra care.

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