Hitesh Choudhary’s 5 Top Recommended Programming Languages in 2019


Okay, so developers our expert Hitesh Choudhary is back with the list of top five recommended programming languages for 2019. In his latest video, he has unveiled numerous things which for a new developer is a blessing. He will be disclosing the secret to crack the Amazon job interview. Oh, yeah, moreover he will share the top programming languages to learn in 2019 on the basis of his hard research.

Now, if you want to welcome the new year with the new aspirations and hopes, then you have to understand the trending programming for 2019. Mr. Chaudhry’s compiled list of top programming languages showcased following gems;

#5. PHP

Well, some might say that PHP is a dead programming language, but according to our expert, it is a hidden gem which hasn’t used properly by developers. PHP is an open source scripting language and it has been used by numerous programmers all over the world. It is a very fast scripting language with plenty of features;

– It is very simple and easy to use.
– PHP is an interpreted language with no room for compilation.
– It is faster than all other scripting languages.
– It is a multiple platform supporting language; Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows.
– PHP is a case-sensitive language at the time of variable declaration.

#4. Swift

Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language built on the best of C and Objective-C for iOS, OS X, tvOS, and watchOS. It proves to be effective as it is able to eliminate the constraints of C compatibility. If you don’t agree with our expert, then look at the basic features of Swift;

– It is easier to read this language.
– The maintenance of Swift is easy as it only requires Xcode and the LLVM compiler files.
– Swift is the safest language to work with.
– It is unified with memory management.
– It requires less coding.

#3. Java

Hitesh has given the number third position to the Java programming language. With the primary motive of making programming language portable, simple and secure it has been developed. There are so many good features of Java available to help developers.

– Java is easy to learn the language.
– It is an object-oriented language.
– With Java, you can develop virus-free sustenance.
– It is a strong language because of robust memory management.
– Java is architecture neutral because there are no implementation dependent features.

#2. JavaScript

JavaScript is a client based technology. It is mostly used to give validation to clients. However, if you want to look job in this programming language, then you plenty of options because it has the following features;

– JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language.
– It offers more control over the browser.
– It is very compact and lightweight.
– It is a scripting language so don’t confuse it with Java.
– It is case sensitive language.

#1. Python

Number one slot is given to the python by our expert. This is the most simple and minimalist programming language that will show some advances in the upcoming years. We are hooting for this language because;

– Python is easy to start with.
– It is free and opens sourced language which can be used by anyone.
– If you want to create some high-level language, then python is perfect for you.
– It is an interpreted language which requires little explanation only.
– Python supports procedures as well as objects.

Let’s welcome the new year with these top five programming languages and open up doors for some new job opportunities in 2019.

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