How AI is Shaping Organizations?


Artificial Intelligence will undoubtedly make our lives more easier and sufficient. In future it will be the driving force for industrial revolution mainly driven by data,computing power and networks. The two fundamental pillars on any digital transformation for an organization is ‘Speed‘ and ‘ Customer Centric Innovation‘. Every enterprise is basically dealing with two questions ” How fast can you innovate?” and ” Can you innovate fast enough?”. That said we are experiencing two major technology trends in our day to day life, one is AI and other Cloud Computing. On one hand organizations, which are on migration stages to Cloud computing have already realized the immense power and feasibility of cloud solutions. And on the other hand the ones adopting AI are already automating certain repetitive tasks.We also see widespread adoption of NLP and cloud computing to provide augmented/assistive intelligence to it’s customers.

Challenges in Application of AI

According to me, the potential of AI extends far beyond helping a given business run faster or more efficiently. Along they will bring disruptive changes and give rise to new problems that can challenge the economical,legal and ethical fabrics of Society. Some of them are :

  1. Jobs : Traditionally, automation has been eating away blue collar jobs. You will be surprised to know that an eCommerce giant, Alibaba’s largest warehouse is being manned by just 60 Robots. The companies on any day would prefer a smart robots over a person as they are more efficient.We have also seen recently thousands have been left jobless due to automation.
  2. Responsibility:When the boundaries of responsibility are blurred between user,developer and data trainer, every party involved can lay the blame on someone else. It could be fatal for a thousands of lives in case of software or hardware malfunctions. Imagine an aeroplane on autopilot, malfunctions and crashes into an ocean.
  3. Privacy: Incase of more and more data, companies may trek into unmapped territory and cross privacy boundaries. Implementing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning can impersonate one’s handwriting,voice ,conversation style and unprecedented power that can come handy in number of dark scenarios.

What Talents are Company hiring ?

AI revolution is creating plenty of new data science,machine learning,security analyzers,engineering and IT positions to develop and maintain AI systems and software. But unfortunately the supply is very less and there is an exponential demand for this professionals in market. Most of the companies are looking at engineers and mathematicians specialized in AI,computational linguistics and knowledge management sciences.

Scope of AI in Indian Market

AI based application have already touched the market and have changed the people’s life in ways that are not often fully speculated.Indian companies and startups are already developing ways to develop conversational bots,speech recognition tools and intelligent digital assistants which is purely driven by need in Indian market unlike driver less cars in US. AI will eventually replace many routine functions on IT side such as in system administration, help desk , project management and application support. With advances in artificial technologies machines will successfully emulate human cognition.

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