How Great Programmers think?


Who is a programmer?

Well, today we are going to talk about the twisted category of humans who mainly found in front of their computer screen. The humans who are responsible for creating something productive via their imagination. Okay, let me explain more professionally, a programmer is a person who writes codes for any program. It is simple to summon up the definition of a programmer in one line, but the actual meaning of programmer is very deep. The programmer is solely responsible for generating codes and makes them ready to work. You can compare this with the process of giving a childbirth. Because, like a mother, a programmer nourishes his program from the beginning.

Like, every other professional, you can easily find some similarities between all successful programmers. Such as, in the life of famous programmers like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs, we can easily pinpoint few similarities. Apart, from all being super rich, there are few similarities in their way of work or way of conducting their daily routine. So, if you are wondering what makes them damn successful, then let’s churn out their brains.

The mindset of a successful programmer!

To get your position in the never-ending list of successful programmers, you need to think like them. And from the hidden closest of some successful programmers, we have few traits of their mind.

  1. You can’t feel tired or bored.

To be a perfect programmer eliminate words like tired and bored from your vocabulary. Well, being a programmer you may need to spend countless hours in front of the screen to locate semicolon mistake in your coding. So, be it as you can’t present faulty coding in front of your clients. So, suck it up and work until you get the flawless program.

  1. Make your pain, your friend.

Seating in one position for hours and brainstorming ideas can be more painful than working outdoors. From outside job of a programmer seems a piece of a cake. But, this cake is loaded with sugar, which can make you super sick. So, stop sulking over your pain and start working as you can’t stop. Period.

  1. Always remember Why are you doing this.
In a programmer’s life, you feel many down moments. Like, a client doesn’t like your hard work or you simply enable to understand the requirements of a client. So, you constantly need to remember why are you doing this job. Simply because you love it and coding is your strength. So, always remember this and everyday work with full honesty and energy.
  1. Everyone needs help, repeat this mantra daily.

Okay, you are not a superhero and ones a while it is okay to take help. ¬†So, if you are stuck in the middle of any problem, then don’t hesitate to seek someone else help. ¬†Sharing your ideas with other people will give you new perspective and way to think. That’s why true programmer is always ready to take meaningful help anytime.

  1. Enjoy your work.

Don’t burden yourself with the tension of work. As this will slowdowns your work speed and highly affects your performance. So, enjoy your work and always start your day with a big smile. Always remember that you loved being a programmer and it gives you the ultimate bliss.

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