How much important is design for programmers 😃


How much important is design for programmers 😃

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Hey there, hitesh here back again with another video and in today is video I want to talk about design. so I got started as a backend developer or more over the scripting guy and I was not one of the best guys in designing neither I did have I been any knowledge in the design so how much important is the design part when you are designing any website any mobile application or working on anything where you’re most of the time stays in the back and parts how much important is it now. I do have an example to make sure that you understand that process because I was thinking wrong and at the very early stage of my life and I got my second job as a Python developer and yes, I was wrong about it then I started learning about it. let me show you what that I have created 1 design here and as you can see I don’t think I can see. that mean that ok so this is what we have have a simple design that you can see but let me show you what do we have here ok come on get up there ok this is now the design second or I will call that version 2 always leave saying that you can understand let me get what I want to say is why simply looking at those two designs you can easily understand that which one is looking much more professional and which one is actually god without design also you can create prototype they will be working prototype and they look decent. like a prototype but if you want to make anything that should look more professional and people should be attracted towards that you have to learn design and it doesn’t matter whether you are working all the time in the back and maybe into the front end or just writing the database because the more you will have the knowledge of design the more you be able to understand stand what the front and guys are trying to do if you are working in the back and if you are into the front end development it obviously a basic skill and little bit weekend with the images are the text the knowledge of the font specially the knowledge of the colours and colour wheel I like which colour is opposite to which colour and if you want to impact into that colour you don’t have to increase that colour you can decrease the opposite colour there all such things. design is produced super important and free usual like that now also tell you that when I got into this video development and a value education and teaching purpose is used to make a apps and all these are used to take boot camp with that and I realise that although I was delivering all the things that were required for the functionality purpose there still a few things that I was missing like and designing the best app the easiest app which can use the camera feature and it was good it was no problem with that but the moment I added the design feature in that aap like adding of a professional quality graphics on to that a professional image in the button and some good colour that I used a professionalism there at the back and butt students like to involve get more into designing data because that I was beautiful and one side and allow people might be saying that I work in to the back and I don’t need to have that much knowledge about the design but my dear friend you are wrong there because all the walking into the back and but there will be guys will be putting your back and work on to the front end and if you have the knowledge of the front and you’ll be able to take much more better decisions of how the data should be passed in into the front end and that makes the front hand guys job easier and will also give you a lot of knowledge about it as well so all I’m saying is that yes it’s important to have design skills be wondering what kind of a should invest time and money a to learn that or to buy that let’s talk about that now the very first software that I personally use and a lot of guys use and by the way this is only for the Mac I’ll come on to the Windows guys as well as doctor That I Used going to learn Sketch app now this is only for the Mac and yes it’s a paid software but it’s a very high demanding skills and if you are looking to get into designer designing prototype so screen sizes for mobile apps weather in Android or iOS or web pages even are deserving design in the sketch now a days If you are using a Mac and your companies using a Mac oriented workflow and face but by no means that sketch is an alternative to Photoshop or doesn’t work around for the photoshop it is something different software requirement in the programming industrialist and everything ok now another one which is common for Mac and Windows is Photoshop again it’s a paid software but it Skills that you might want to invest time they obviously have to invest money as well because it’s a subscription model that you have to get and also learning is a very good coder longer you need to spend at least five or six month in there but again if you are looking up to become a one man army who designs everything worked for the client and everything then obviously I have to spend time in learning that as well obviously not going to let in one day I take some time and invest little bit I’m in learning this softwares in all these things also there is an alternative their known as a game which is completely open source but you won’t be finding jobs for the game although it’s kind of alternative for Photoshop can do it in case you don’t want to spend money in there but you never find a job posting that says hey we need a professional game software specialist that can design graphics for that no it doesn’t happen if you want to get a job you want to earn money you have to invest in a Photoshop if you are looking for that also there are other alternative as well like Illustrator and a lot of free ones as well but these are the popular one also tell you that if you want to become a programmer you are looking to become a programmer and you might just want to design a couple of a good images just for the learning purpose other is one very good website known as now I use that quiet and quite a lot because it allows you to design a lot of things they do have a custom option of pixels how much weight and height you want there and you can design some awesome graphics that it’s kind of a drag and drop feature that you can utilise so if you are looking just to create some awesome professional graphics you can always look up for the by the way this is not any of those things that I am telling you all I’m saying is just these are the guys that I used them regulator in my day today life and check them out they are doing a pretty good job in good so make sure that whatever you are learning letters learning web development using try to edit your image a little better make sure that a perfect perfect weight and some overlaying some asking serving done and you can do all of them in canva as well but in case you want to utilise the Sketch app or Photoshop that would be one step ahead and 1000 of these are some of my views about designing and I now considered designing is one of the most crucial and very important part of a programmer and I think every programmer should have a little bit little bit knowledge about designing so that he can make himself a virgin too I would call her because version 1 is very don’t know about anything about designing and version to you know about it I will call RB version to learn a little bit about the colour theory it’s not a big deal you can learn that about and were not today you cannot be master there in a couple of days you can a little bit about colour theory how the colours are being design and try to find out some good colour website where can find out some material colour some flat colours can get ahead in the industry there okay this was my quick words about designing let me know in the comments section below that what is the website that you are using to edit your images for AP survey about whatever maybe allow people can get can get help from you and a lot a website which I don’t know I can learn a little bit from you so make sure you post on your favourite website on which you edit your images OK I will catch you up.


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