How To Be A Coder; Part I Right Mindset To Be A Coder


Do you want to be a coder? Do you want to establish your career in the computer science field? But, you don’t have any advanced degree or skills in computing science. So, now what? Crush your dream of becoming a coder.

Well, no, if you don’t have any technical knowledge of computer science and don’t have practical knowledge of programming languages, then it’s alright. Yep, because knowledge can be gathered anytime and from anywhere. It’s just the right mindset and determination that will encourage you to step up and learn the tricks of becoming a coder.

This post is going to be divided into two parts; in first we are going to discuss the right mindset that is required to learn programming and second part is going to be about the technical knowledge required. So, let’s just focus on the first part and learn how to develop your right mindset to be a coder.

#1. Long-Term Positive Attitude

Okay, so you start writing codes today and want to perfect it in your first go, then stop that attitude immediately. Because you have to work very hard and for the very long term of the period, constantly to get the hang of programming. However, people don’t get that quite to learn to code after failing for few times.

Now, if you want to be a coder, then you need to stay positive in the process as the road isn’t going to be easy and giving up in the middle won’t take you anywhere.

#2. Follow the Mantra of Focus

We know it’s more tempting to use social media, then learning to be complexed mathematical algorithms. But, guys, if you truly want to be a coder, then you have to minimize all the distractions and solely focus on sharpening your skills. You need to cut your phone and social media time to really focus on your coding skills. Otherwise, you won’t be able to solve the complicated algorithms and that will eventually frustrate you in the end.

#3. Stay Healthy

Okay, so if develop the right habits at the beginning of your career, then this is going to reward you in the long run. For instance, let’s take the case of your physical health, folks spending long hours in front of a computer screen isn’t good for your health. You might get severe cervical, pain in joints for sitting in one position, soreness in the eyes, etc.,

All these health issues can get worse with the time if you don’t start taking them seriously. So, you should take a break from work and stretch your muscles from time to time. Do eye exercises also like too much screen time isn’t good for your eyesight. If possible take the gym membership at the beginning of your career because to be coder you have to sit in one position for long period. That’s why regular gym will keep your body in shape and relaxes your sore muscles.

#4. Love Your Work

Folks, only start your journey to be a coder if you truly love it. Otherwise, spending long hours learning codes and practicing them will become torture for you. If you are doing the job without loving it, then it will harm your mental and physical state as well. So, ask this question from yourself; Do you really like to be a coder or not?

So, folks now you get the hang of right mindset of a coder. If you now want to learn further about the techniques and skills that will help you in becoming a coder, then wait for our next blog post.

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