How To Be A Coder; Part II It’s Time To Action


So, guys, you have made it to the second part of how to be a coder. In the previous post, we have talked about the right mindset that aspiring coders should have, in this post, we are going to discuss the line of action. Once you have developed the right mindset of a programmer, then the next step is to take action.

And, by taking action we mean stepping forward and take the practical route to be a coder.

#1. Clear the big picture

When you start learning something new, then you might be exposed to plenty of details related to the field. If you don’t understand all these details properly, then it isn’t possible for you to get the proper hang of the new subject. So, before learning a new programming language, you need to understand that the big picture of the language to be a coder.

For instance, suppose you want to create a web system using the python. So, here before learning the syntax of python, you have to understand how web clients and web servers interact. Having a good feel for what web servers do will give you great instincts – before even getting started – about what your Python code will need to accomplish, and hence which details really matter.

#2. Focus on one job

To master all the concepts of the coding, you have to focus on one part at the moment. There are different translates you have to learn to be a coder like; variables, loops, conditionals, functions, parameters, and arrays. You need to master in all these areas to become a successful coder.

So, take one element of coding at one time like say loops and focus solely on them. Write different syntax to learn the loops, keep on practicing this until you aren’t able to predict loops result. Move to next element only when you are fully satisfied with your previous learning.

#3. Learn how to combine

Once you have learned all the basic elements of code building separately. Then, the next step is to learn how to combine different elements to create a lucrative web system. Like, how can you use loops and arrays together to create a new program? To learn this, you have to create blocks of sequence so that you can combine different elements together.

For example, if you have learned how to store information in the database and different ways to retrieve information. Then, next, you have to learn how to communicate data between the web client and web server. So, you need to follow the proper learning sequence to combine different elements of the code.

#4. Learn to work in a team

So, you are now competent and confident enough to create a dynamic code with different elements. However, now you need to master in the art of working with the other coders as one problem can be solved in multiple ways and for this, you required other people’s opinion. Moreover, if you are in an organization, then you have to work in a team. Just remember that you are working together as a team not working in parallel.

#5. Keep on challenging yourself

Never stop learning and challenging yourself with new problems. Because to be a coder, you need to constantly learn new ways to solve one problem and learn different ways to challenge yourself. Find new ways to challenge yourself constantly like learn new programming languages, use different elements to solve one problem, etc .,

So, guys, to be a coder, you need to be always focused and ready to face new challenges daily. If you got these skills, then you are all set to be a coder and start your career as a dynamic developer.

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