How To Design Your Website Using WordPress?


Hello, folks, if you want to design your own website to showcase your work or to generate leads for your startup business, then you should read this post carefully. That’s because being a startup or individual, your budget to design your own website would be very low and in this, if you have to pay developers to create a website for you, then this is going to be very expensive for you.

So, guys, get your own hands dirty and design your own website under your budget. As today, creating a website has become a very easy job with help of portals like WordPress. Yep, using a WordPress, you can design your website very easily.


Just follow my lead and your lucrative website will be ready within few minutes.

Step 1: Installing a local server: Xampp

You have to visit this link;, and after selecting your portal like Mac, Windows, Linux, etc., download it on your system.

Step 2: Run Program

Now, after installing the Xampp, you should go to the programs and run it, you will get the system running shortly.

Step 3: Now click on start in front of Apache and MySQL to start a local server

If you are facing problem in implementing this step, then there are huge chances that your port no. 80 is being used by other application such as Skype. To resolve this issue, click on the config in front of Apache, next you have to locate the line “Listen 80” and change it some other value, like “Listen 1234”.

Step 4: Check localhost

Now, that your localhost has been running, the next you should check it by typing “localhost” in your browser URL. However, if you transfer the port number in 3rd step, then type “localhost:1234” will be referred to as “localhost”.

Step 5: Next checkout phpMyAdmin

The phpMyAdmin is located under the “Tools” section in the bottom left corner of your screen will be present. It is a MySQL database of your website where all the information of your website is stored like posts, usernames, passwords, comments, etc., You can run SQL queries here and can create the table as well.

Step 6: Instal WordPress

Now, we are moving ahead to our important step of installing the WordPress as we have already configured our localhost. To download WordPress, you can click on this link: and download WordPress in your system.

Step 7: Go to C:\xampp\htdocs

In step seven, you have to go to the C:\xampp\htdocs in your system and have to zip file that you have downloaded in step six there.

Step 8: Extract file from htdocs

When you extract the files from the zipped folder named htdocs, then you file to locate the file naked “Wordpress” there.

Step 9: Visit your browser

Next, you have to go to your browser and type “localhost/phpmyadmin/” and click on New. Here, you can create any name under the “Database name” and it will be the name of your website database from now onwards.

Step 10: Type URL “http://localhost/wordpress/” in your browser

After typing URL “http://localhost/wordpress/” in your browser, click on the let’s go and you will be taken to screen where you have to fill out the following information;

  • Database name: The database you created in step 9.
  • Username: root
  • Password: Leave it empty
  • Database Host: localhost

Well, now folks, practice these ten steps on your own and by then we will be back with the next steps of how to design your own website using WordPress. Don’t think that your website is ready yet as lots of other steps are still present on the process. See you in the next part, till then bye.

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