How to make your Website Mobile Friendly?


Why Do We Need Mobile Friendly Websites?

So, developers, store this humble fact in your mind that mobile phone internet users are today double than the desktop users. That’s why, if you want small device users to access your website, then you have to design mobile-friendly website. Period.

Moreover, you can’t control the type of device which user can open web on, it is your duty to be ready for all the devices. But, you can control the content breakpoints and how much will it change at every point.

For this you can use testing tools like Safari’s responsive mode or similar tools in other browsers can help you to easily switch between breakpoints to test and optimize each breakpoint appropriately.

Well, there are numerous points present that you should keep in mind to mobile optimize your website. Few very basic pointers are as follows:

Reading Style –

In western culture, the text is read from top to bottom and left to right. So, human eyes are adjusted to this reading pattern, that’s why to keep this reading style in mind while arranging the content of your website. Like, put important information on the top of the website and leave relevant information for the bottom.

Small Menu Icons –

The screen space is limited on the smartphones and other gadgets. So, to provide maximum reading space to your mobile users add small hamburger icons. The menu icon is nowadays used by all the websites so that user can click on them if they want to search ahead on the website. Otherwise, they get decent space to read the content.

Take Fingertip In Mind –

When we navigate on the desktop, then we have a cursor to navigate for us. But, on the mobile phones, our fingertips are cursor and the size of fingertips are larger than the cursor. So, make sure to adjust the size of content according to the size of a finger.

Make Easy Navigation –

If you want the user to come back to your website, then provide them easy navigation system. Like, never adapt horizontal navigate the system for the mobile website. Make website easy for the user to access such as add big buttons and columns so that user can easily locate them on the small screen.

Interactive Maps –

These days Google maps are used by the websites to provide the detail information to the users. But, sometimes maps hijacks all the space on the screen and make it difficult for the user to read further. So, in that case, disable map interactions initially, while still providing an option for the user to enable it if they so desire.

Clicking Icon –

Well, should I keep clicking or wait? This happens a lot when we click on something and result doesn’t show up immediately. So, for that website must contain the search icon to inform users that their website is loading.

Well, web developers, today you can’t ignore the mobile-based websites as your more than half business comes from it. So, cater to the needs of mobile users and get more conversion rate for your website.

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