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Well, if we look for one of the trendy words which have been attracting the attention of Indian developers lately, then that would be game development. The new whole industry of game developers has been emerging in India which is predicted to indulge worth of around $1 billion. So, every aspiring coder and the individual programmer has been trying out there luck in this new gaming industry.

So, if you are a developer and planning about investing your time and money in the game development sector, then you need a full manual with you. That’s because, in India, the gaming industry isn’t that powerful and recognized as compared to some western countries. So, to indulge in this new field of development, you have to consider a few things beforehand.

Things to Consider before Jumping to Game Development

#1. It is slow ripping fruit

Well, if you want results immediately, then the gaming industry isn’t ideal for you because things relatively move slowly here. To be a successful AAA game developer, you have to invest lots of time and efforts. Sometimes just to create one visual graphics it takes by the whole team.

Oh, yeah, roughly to create the dynamic AAA video game a moderate team of 50 developers required the time of 2-3 years. To get the bang on graphics and storyline of the game, you have to at least invest two to three years of your and your team’s life. Well, you are a developer so numbers and equations always make the process easier for you. So, here the time dynamics of creating a game;

Suppose, 50 developers are working 40 hours weekly on the game. This makes total time spend by one developer yearly will be 2000 hours and for 50 developers that would be 10,000 hours. So, to create a decent AAA game, you need to spend 10,000 hours on its designing process.

#2. Knowledge of programming languages

Okay, so to be a part of game development, you need to understand the importance of different programming languages. Mainly, a game designing involves two parts; one is the artistic designing part and the second part is the coding. For both of these parts, impeccable knowledge of programming languages is vital.

Art Design. To indulge in the artistic aspect of the game development process, you need to get hang of basic software like Blender(free) or Maya(free).

Coding. If you are working on the basic 2D game, the knowledge of photoshop is sufficient for you. However, if you are into coding, then you must know Java, C#, C++, Javascript or Python languages to create cool games. Here, Python is considered as easy to begin with whereas Java and C++ are the winner languages. For web-based games, JavaScript is really cool. Further, for Apple App Store you need to learn Objective C and for Google Play Store knowledge of Android OS.

#3. Art is important

All those visual and audio graphics of the AAA games make them more realistic and believable for the users. Thus, you have to pay special attention to the artistic aspects of your game development process. To design consistency looking game always use one theme in your whole game so that user can connect with it. The deep knowledge of 3D modeling software is a must to make visually appealing games. But then your game doesn’t have to have photo-realistic graphics.

However, if you don’t want to focus much on the art aspect of your game and want to stick to your coding strengths. Then, you can download assets (free or otherwise) available online on websites like Open Game Art, Game Art 2D or Kenney.

Now, we are not ending here as so much more has left to discuss the game development process and it’s important consideration points. For more fun, read the next post of the series.

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