How to Start your Journey as a Game Developer? -2


So, welcome back peers, in our last article, we were only able to disclose some very basic structure of the game development. In this post, we will begin our journey from the last time where we have left it. So, if you haven’t read article one of the series, then we recommend you to read that article first before reading this post.

Things to Consider before Jumping to Game Development

#4. Get online help

Game development is a pretty new concept in India, so it’s hard to find any formal training in it. However, it’s always good to learn the basic concepts of gaming from the experts. For this, you can use the online tutorials posted on YouTube by the freelance and amateur game developers. If you want some deep training, then you can subscribe to the online course from Udemy. This will cost you very less as compared to the knowledge you get from it.

#5. Software required to create a game

To develop the high-quality AAA game, you required back up of some high powered software. You need an i7 processor with at least 3.5 GHz CPU. Top notch graphics cards like NVidia 1080 Ti are good with at least 16 GB of RAM. Such desktops cost more than 75K as game development consumes more power.

#6. Game idea

Once you have gathered all the technologies and knowledge to develop a game, you have to draw the basic idea for your game. If you are first time designing the game with your small team, then you should plan the simple and less complexed game first. The gaming categories that you can target are; Text Based, Puzzle Based, Simple 2D games, 2D platformer – linear, Top Down 2D / Multiplayer, Top Down 3D, 3D FPS linear / Multiplayer and 3D Open World.

#7. Try to be unique

Under all the above-mentioned gaming categories already tonnes of Android and iOS games have been already designed. If you just pick the theme of any old game and add your little touches to it and accept it to be next candy crush, then you are in delusion. To get the success as a game developer, you need to target the market with your unique approach because if you are going to design yet another color matching puzzle game, then nobody is going to download your game.

#8. Gaming engines

To make your game development process complete you need to get hang of the gaming engines. For 2D games, you have Twine (Text), Game Salad, RPG Maker and Unity gaming engines. For 3D games, you got Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, Source, Godot, Cry Engine and Frostbite.

#9. Little maths is required

Okay, now you don’t need to be mathematically highly intelligent to design a game. But, little mathematical knowledge is required to do the basic coding of your game. You need to know the basic concepts of maths like 3D Geometry, Vectors, Calculus, Applied Mathematics, Linear Algebra and so on to design the game.

So, folks if you dream to be the next Minecraft, Dust: An Elysian Tale or Stardew Valley, you just simply need to work hard and need to be passionate about game development. To develop a game, you need to breathe it and live it, only then you can create a historic game.

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