How To Tackle The Developers Imposter Syndrome?


Do you want to be the best programmer in your field? Does it annoy you when your coded program won’t work properly? And, mostly do you feel low and untalented after receiving failure?

Then, nothing is wrong with you; it’s the effects of the imposter syndrome which has been ruining your confidence and zeal to work. Now, you must be thinking that imposter syndrome is a disease or some sort of mental illness so how the heck it is related to a developer career.

Well, the feeling of constantly knowing that you are not good at your job or you are not putting many efforts in your job is an imposter syndrome. This is a very normal feeling which can be seen in any person. It’s the feeling of failure and not being perfect in your job, so this is a pretty common syndrome seen in the who are people working in a highly competitive environment.

Why Developers are Attacked by Imposter Syndrome?

This syndrome can attack anyone, working in any field, however, in the developers, this syndrome has been seen very commonly in the last few years. This because of plenty of different reasons related to the job profile, such as;

  • The process of software development has been evolving constantly. New people and technologies are continuously entering in the software industry which has been increasing the knowledge graph of the Developers. So, to sustain in the overloaded technology land, you have to learn the basics of every prevailing technology.
  • Global media has been watching the tech industry like a hack. Media is crushing every new creative and innovative technology invention. This grilling of media has been keeping developers constantly on the radar of the world, so this pressure of performance is turning into the imposter syndrome for the programmers.

How To Overcome This Syndrome?

#1. Get Comfortable with the Environment

To be clear, imposter syndrome was here for a long time and will be always going to be part of developers life. So, get used to it as soon as possible because you are not only suffering from this dilemma. Every other programmer is going through the same feelings, it’s just that from outside they might seem confident and controlled, but from inside all developers are fracking like you. It’s like Facebook where you can see pictures of your friend’s new car, but you can’t see the amount of hard work your friend has put in getting that car. So, just get comfortable in your own skin and everything else will automatically comes to the terms with you.

#2. Grow your Intelligence

People usually assume that they can do a particular job without any failure because their mindset is trained to perform ten jobs. This is a rigid mindset’s sign which is the biggest cause of the imposter syndrome. When someone starts to think that he or she can only perform this task, then little failure in the task lead them to the deep land of depression. So, if you don’t want to get scared from the small failures, then keep on expanding your intelligence.

#3. Remember your Success

Regularly reflecting on your successes can help remind you of how far you’ve come and how good you really are. This will help balance the scales of positive vs negative self-talk that is at the heart of imposter syndrome. It’s not like bragging about your success, it’s just that whenever you hit the rock bottom in your career, then go back to your memory lane and see how far have you come in your career.

#4. Take your Superiors Feedback Positively

If your seniors pinpoint your mistake or rectify your error, then don’t argue or feel dihedral after hearing that. Take the feedback from your seniors in a positive way and learn from your mistakes. Because if you keep on beating yourself on your mistakes, then when will you learn from them. This point also gives a very strong life lesson of handling your criticism with the utmost grace and courage.

Imposter syndrome can attach anyone and anytime, so be confident in your own skin and beat the shit out of this syndrome before it affects your life.

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