How to think like a programmer


How to think like a programmer ?

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Hey there every one, hitesh back again with another video here and if you read the comment in here that says how to think like a programmer make a video on that and at first I thought it’s not all but after I just say oh my god that’s a good topic and at first it with a program just normal people and just think like everybody else but now I just thought exactly the same exact thing but there is so much more that a program is attitude towards life and attitude toward the problem that makes a programmer about how to think like a programmer or try to think like a programmer Let It Started and it’s time to roll that intro OK so how to think like a programmer and I want to explain that in a bit more details so that you can understand that thought processing behind doing any project finishing up any project to learn a new language or to learn any programming language at the very first time and for that you have to come closer so come here I completely agree with you that programmers are just normal people the common people who just write the code but what makes them different is the approach how they take down the things that start by step by step approach of a programmer that a good programmer should have patience Patience is the most important artefact that any program I can have if you don’t have patience you cannot learn programming and in fact that would be true for anything else as well you cannot learn swimming you cannot learn basketball you cannot learn cricket or anything that you are doing you cannot learn that without the patients and this is the one thing that is being required quite a lot but people and students in fact I have seen a lot of student just after writing 20 programs are there saying hey we are not good in logic you are not getting the logic of the programming we are not able to build the logic my dear friend you have just returned 23rd there 20 programs what does it it’s nothing this is the amount of code that every day I died and threw up in my garbage can there and most of the programmers were working there just delete them but he asked his patients so until unless you have returned hundreds and hundreds of Pisa programs that does something you won’t be able to understand the logic just by writing 2830 programs and you are saying that I am not getting the logic in there is is not write programming does take a time now I understanding the syntax performing a project and just getting there will take around a five or six month with a good amount of training nice instructor in everything there but apart from that it takes years to master that kind of confidence level that you are looking up for yes I know its a lot of time but yes programming do requires years and years of experience it’s not a magical thing that you can get within a month or within a week it’s its not gonna happen yes definitely you can get better in learning the syntax writing the codes and everything but also one important thing in here with that now once you have got a good amount of experience with the project and you have done this things in 1 language Experience of the programming language whatever it is JavaScript PHP whatever it is also going to come in going to transfer into the different languages well ok to patients is the most important thing in here now as a beginner the important thing is consistency so think like a programmer a programmer rights course every day and if even after shutting down the computer is keep on thinking about the programming and stuff like that should be consistent in that these are the two important points in here ok know how else program is optimistic guy who is very positive very very positive things like things are going to get up very soon things will be made up things will be like I am feeling I don’t want to write code because I am not good in solving problem I won’t be able to do it always looks a problem and needs to solve that problem into smaller trying to solve that from different angles different perspective it just the same things apart from that writing and arranging things in this is just a part of the plant these are the few important things that a programmer’s 2 keep in mind one more thing that I would like to add in here is programming is not the easiest thing on the planet does require certain amount of luxuries as well as she is like having a laptop having a desktop or having a sometimes having a mobile for some time having good powerful computer these are some kinds of luxury that programming does require so let’s say I want to design apps for iOS and want to publish my app in App Store for by Apple then certainly I do required I’m not there I can be Mac mini at Mac iMac just like I am using or maybe a MacBook Mac doesn’t really matter but that kind of luxury is you need to have and why I am calling diesel luxury is because he has a laptop is not a easiest thing spending like 40000 in Indian Rupees or maybe a 50000 rupees is is not for everyone and not everybody can do that so depending on what kind of goal you have there are certain luxuries of course you can do programming on a very basic laptop but that would be a high and programming like having Maya 3D or maybe rendering of the videos or maybe things like that so I hope you got my point and similarly to design app for Android store you need a good amount of RAM in your computer and all the stores and on top of that he should have some experience with the device in itself again there is no such requirement while coding all of these things but if you don’t have the device you will never get the field at what you want to really do because you don’t have experience with the device so you don’t understand how the user will behave when you will give certain amount of features a certain things to the user so that is also very very interesting and important thing in here so yes thinking for the programming is a bit of different kind of experience for the video for me and I can talk a whole lot about it but thinking for a programmer I would like to some of the entire video has just one word coders don’t quit regardless of whatever things are happening whether the code is running or not whether things are going in the direction that they want to or just going into the completely opposite direction code is simply don’t quit their research a lot they do a lot of googling and stuff they take a lot of code from the stack overflow and they just paste the code in their application quite a lot of course they always change logical little bit different is not going to work but this is how the programming life goes on I guess you are thinking that programming life physics eating no its not action movie that’s going to happening around there will be sitting and solving a lot of problem just from your computer but the impact that you can make on the society is babe a huge then compared to anything else out side programming that’s how I do and that’s how I work so solving a huge amount of problem just sitting on a computer desk things happen and one thing that every programmer legs around and I suggest all of a programmer should do is go ahead get yourself a hobby because you are spending a lot of time on computer and tell if you are picking up some good habit you are working quite a lot so pick up a hobby and take care of your health so that’s all for in this video and again I’m reading all of your comments if you have something that I should be making of the video I deposit the comment section below and checking all of them and I’ll catch you up in the next video

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