Rocking HTML Series Part V: The Must-Have HTML 5 Tools


HTML 5 Tools For Amateurs and Skilled Developers

HTML 5 has been serving us for the pretty long duration now. Plenty of websites have adopted the HTML 5 features and gaining tremendous success. But, in all this, we can’t ignore one fact that HTML 5 can’t work alone. Yep, whether you are an amateur developer or highly experienced web developer, to work with the HTML 5 you required some extra tools.

The tools related to HTML 5 makes working with his markup language easy and results drawn from them are highly dynamic. So, in this post of Rocking HTML Series Part V, we will check out some tools which every HTML 5 developer needs. So, carefully read these tools and don’t forget to download them before working on the HTML 5.

#1. Adobe Dreamweaver

This is the most used and authorized HTML 5 assistant tool. It combines together the visual impacts and codes. Together with free HTML 5 extension, this tool provides more options and features to the web developers. If you are planning to create HTML based website, then you must have this tool. Adobe Dreamweaver is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Package 2015, this tool can be yours for $19.99 of the monthly plan.

#2. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a free and open source toolkit which offers so much to the web developers. It offers HTML and CSS based designed templates which can be easily altered according to your need. Moreover, it also offers an amazing alternative to the web developers called HTML5 Boilerplate. For web developers, this tool offers numerous features like typography elements, forms, buttons, navigation, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. You can easily switch to Html doctype by adding it at the beginning of the project.

#3. Freemake Video Converter

This free video converting tool can easily convert any type of video into HTML. You just have to upload resulted video to your server and copy the embedded code and paste it in your site. This tool can convert any desktop and DVD video into three types of HTML videos: MP4/H.264, Theora/OGG, VP8/WebM. People who don’t like public video servers like YouTube or Dailymotion for them this tool is the best.

#4. Sublime Text

Well, this is a simple yet functionally powerful text editor and code creator tool. This tool might be simple to use, but if you use it properly then you will find numerous cool features like build in the plugin and autocorrect tricks. If you want to add HTML syntax and snippets to the text, then you have to download HTML bundles. Basically, this tool is free of cost, but to frequently use it you require $70 license.

#5. HTML5 Maker

The web developers who want to add creative and stunning animation to their website working on the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript requires to install this tool. Numerous templates like slideshows, banners, and posters are available with this tool. You will get plenty of ready-made templates of different size and shape with this tool. To get the premium version of the HTML5 Maker you might have to spend 4.5 per month.

#6. Google Swiffy

This is a simple Flash to HTML converting tool offered by the Google. You just have to load SWF file in the Swiffy and your HTML file code will be delivered to you. This tool is beneficial for the sites who want to reach the mobile users.

#7. BlueGriffon

BlueGriffon is a great WYSIWYG editor which switches between code and WYSIWYG screen. Even if your document is created in another editor, BlueGriffon will recognize it and provide you it’s WYSIWYG preview. It even enables developers to directly embed audio and video codes into the HTML.

Wrap Up

So, developers at the end of this post you get first-hand knowledge about the must HTML 5 Tools. We are able only few HTML 5 Tools in the post, so if you have already discovered any other lucrative HTML 5 Tools, then please share with us.

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