Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Our Daily Life


Dream of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial IntelligenceFrom ages, we have heard stories of toothbrushes that can tell stories and microwaves that can automatically make food. Well, I haven’t lost my mind yet, because all these human imaginations have somehow taken the shape. As 20 years ago, we can’t imagine having a phone which can perform almost every task or have a wide world web named the internet. All this happened because of artificial intelligence.

There are numerous artificial intelligence definitions available and every author has its own take on it. But, in the normal way, we can call AI a tool that surges calibers in machines to take actions like humans. Like, human babies from birth have few special ways to express his feelings whereas machine only works in a programmed manner. And, AI is that technology which can help machine in working as the human brain.

Extent of AI in Today’s World

Now, some might say AI is still a dream that will take we decades to map out in reality. But, guys, AI is all around us, as Amir Khan said,”From the tip of the pen to the zip of pant, everything is a machine “. ┬áSo, we can’t ignore the existence of AI, but we can measure the extent of AI involvement in our daily life.

So, if you are wondering IT and Software industry has only seen the AI magic. Then, my mate, you are wrong, because the impact of this technology can be seen everywhere. And, mostly the finance, retail, and media industry has been impacted by the AI. Now, let’s see how AI is impacting business world so that you can get some pointers from the result.




The future of AI in retail is all about making your customer’s personalized offers, predicting future trends in order to optimize your stock and improve logistics. But, you can take benefit from it in plenty of ways:

  • The vendor can organize chatbots with BI technology and can hear out the complaints of unsatisfied customers. Today in America retailers are saving $23 billion by using chatbots.
  • Online shopping has opened up doors for dangerous frauds, but with AI digital frauds can be minimized.
  • AI cares about your time and only shows you ads and videos related to your taste only. Such as Facebook always shows posts related to our past searches.




aiWell, apart from providing chatbots for financial advice and tool for making annual budgets, AI offers a lot in the financial sector.

  • Today there are financial apps available that monitor your spending activities closely and advice you a wise way to spend your money.
  • AI has taken over the stock trading totally and today everyone invests in stocks via computers. According to facts, computers are better investors with yearly profits of 8.44% vs 4.27% for average hedge funds.




Media has gone through drastic change because of AI. Journalism and mass media gets the bigger blow. Whereas, advertisements industry is totally at the mercy of machine learning nowadays.

So, it would be highly wrong to say that AI hasn’t changed our lives. Because in one or another way it has impacted our life. And, guys, this is only a beginning as AI has lots of surprises stored up for us. Our future is all wrapped around AI & Machine Learning.

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