Importance of Portfolio in a Interview


What is a personal portfolio?

The numerous highly qualified professionals have the very common problem of nailing in the job interview and convincing the interview taker about their talent. On the other hand interview conductor also has an issue that how judge the skills of a person in half hour interview. In this confusion, most of the qualified candidates don’t get the job and big companies don’t get the right skilled person. But this problem can be easily sorted out with the help of one dynamic professional portfolio. The portfolio will ease out the interview conductor problem as they can see the work of the person beforehand and it solves lots of time also.

A portfolio can be described as the professional representation of you and the record of your professional development over the course of time. A portfolio is the short picture of once career graph and helps the administration to judge your talent. A dynamic professional portfolio is the demonstrated proof of your on-the-job performance and accomplishments that you have achieved. It is an easy way to show your efforts at developing new skill sets.  Well, every professional individual must possess a portfolio of their skills to showcase during the interview.

What are the representatives of a professional portfolio?

  • The portfolio achieves the numerous purposes for the professional interview giver and a good portfolio serves the following purposes:
  • It markets your capabilities in job interviews or performance reviews.
  • It is a dynamic tool to negotiate promotions and raises on the basis of your past profile.
  • Document quality and quantity of your professional development attached with the portfolio showcase your skills at the interview very impressively.
  • It gives the glimpse of your whole performance in the nutshell.
  • It has the signature of the candidates on it, so no chance of forgery.
  • It points outs the qualities of the candidates and helps to portrait them in a beautiful manner. ¬†
  • It speeds up the interview process.

Importance of Portfolio in the life of job seekers:

  1. It is a self-confidence boosting tool.

    With many students taking the same courses and applying for the same jobs, it is important to differentiate yourself from the others and by making the portfolio can solve that purpose easily. The highly professional portfolio can make you stand out and the nice portfolio will boost the confidence of the person.

  2. It helps the person to be productive.

    Making a nice portfolio involves the working of the person on the project. The person needs to select the project for the portfolio which shows all their skills dynamically and the project should also be related to the nature job you are applying for. The working on the portfolio and making it unique helps the person to stay productive and evaluate new sides of their skills.

  3. Regular changes required.

    A portfolio is a living document and it’s content to keep on changing with the change in your career growth. So, by keeping it up to date helps professionals in getting better job opportunities.


A portfolio is a very dynamic document which reflects the whole career growth of the professional in one go, so it is the must tool which every administrative or any other professional must have to nail the job interview.

Quick Tip : Most of the courses on Comes with Hands on Project which help you build a portfolio while you learn. So, go on take a course, learn, build a portfolio and showcase.

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