Importance of RAM in Smartphone


RAM in Smartphone:

Smartphones are the undivided part of our life and our whole life revolves around them. From chatting to talking, watching videos to ordering the next meal, all can be done with the smartness of the smartphone easily. But ever wondered what makes the smartphone so smart to perform these plenty of functions. The two main elements of smartphones intelligence- RAM and Processor. These two are the major reasons behind the giant dynamic features of the smartphone and they both are responsible for the smooth working of the smartphone. So, today in this article we are going to discuss the major element RAM and why it is important for the working of smartphones.

What is RAM?

RAM aka Random Access Memory is the storage unit which stores all the important files for the CPU to use anytime. It is big closet which has all the files and data stored on it and ready for the CPU of the mobile to use it to view us the desired result anytime. Well, almost everyone knows about the RAM and its features, but here I’m going to share the deep impact of the RAM in working of the smartphone.

Random Access Memory is infinitely (almost) re-writable, very fast, and used differently by different operating systems. The RAM is mostly used for the writing and reading the storage files in the CPU of the mobile. The reading and writing to your hard drive in your computer, or your internal memory/SD card on your phone can be the huge task achieved by the RAM. In short RAM stores all the files and vital data in the CPU, ready for the view for your eyes anytime.

Important tasks performed by the RAM for your Smartphone!

The RAM and Processor both are highly important features of the smartphone. The RAM has the following impact on the functioning of the smartphone:

  1. The Smooth Running of the Smartphone
    The RAM helps in the smooth running of the heavy apps and games in the mobile phone. We all love to play nice feature full games on the smartphone and all the smooth running features of the gaming app depend upon the High performing RAM. In the latest smartphones, 512 MB to 256 MB RAM is the lowest range.It doesn’t mean that your smartphone won’t work but you cannot expect a smooth multitasking in this RAM memory specification. So, RAM with minimum 3 GB capacity is essential for the smooth working of the smartphone and for the multitasking.

  2. Loading Graphics.
    Today we use different graphics to enhance the appearance of our smartphone, such as Rainmeter. Working with these cool virtual graphics also depends on the capacity of the RAM.


The smartphone has numerous features present in it, but to fully experience these features one has to have strong and fully capacity RAM. The RAM and processor both are the vital part of the functioning of the smartphone. Processor without a RAM will be useless and a RAM without a processor will be useless too, but RAM has a major impact on the output which the processor tries to give the user.

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