Importance of Structured Data in SEO Framework


What is Structured Data?

Well, guys, today we are going to tackle the topic of structured data and why the hell it is important from the SEO perspective. If you are wondering structured data is very complicated and technical term then you are wrong. As it is a tool to simplify the website HTML coded database so that search engine can understand the content of the website.

Because you see people, search engines are very stupid in reality and won’t able to understand the complexed HTML coding. Search engines can only understand the simple on page markup content. And, their structured data comes into the picture to make your website content visible for the search engines. Structured data helps in improving the SERP ranking of your website to a great level.

Let’s take an example, suppose you are running a restaurant website and all your content is embedded with HTML codes. Whenever someone enters your website address into the search engine, they expect to know few basic things such as pricing of dishes and an opening time of the restaurant. So, when in the form of structured data this information is entered in the meta description of your website. Then search engine understands it better and ranks your website higher.

How Structured Data helps your Business?

Structured data can be turn out highly beneficial for your business success. The data allows web crawls to understand the NAP (name, address, and place) data of your website. In return search engine like Google will showcase your website on the top ranking links. Thus business owners can’t ignore the structured data importance to optimize their business website.

And, the tools such as Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper is one of the great tools to structure your business website. This tool allows Google to completely understand the content of your website. This content is then used not only for your search engine results but may also be incorporated into Knowledge Graph panels or Google Now cards, increasing your business’s online reach.

Skills Required to Use Structured Data

Okay, so if you want to use the structured data tool to make your website more search engine friendly. Then, my mate, you might require learning some coding skills, because structured data is compressed in HTML. But, now don’t be sad, so what if you don’t know coding, the third party tools like, moreover Bing and Google webmasters have sorted your problem. As with their use you can structure your website data without any coding training.

The is portal that provides HTML tags to webmasters so that they can easily markup webpage for easy search engine recognition. Moreover, Google’s Structured Data Helper offers microdata to markup the website. So, today structuring data has become a very easy job.

Final Declaration

So, guys, in our final conclusion we would like to mention that structured data is the future of SEO. The old SEO tricks of keyword optimization and backlinking are not doing enough in the future. That’s why to present your website in SERP, you have to use the tool of structured data. So, quickly adopt this tool if you want to secure your future in SEO framework.

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