Important Reasons Behind the Mobile App Testing


Mobile Apps Are Future

Today our life revolves around the smartphone. Our day starts with the magic world of the mobile apps and also ends on the same note. According to a report submitted by Statista, 85% of the Millennials own a smartphone. And, these enthusiastic millennials are always looking for cool and high performing apps.

Source: Statista

The constant demand for the new mobile apps has opened up gates for the numerous businesses. Especially, the texting and calling apps like Whatsapp, Tango, Viber and plenty of gaming apps such as Candy Crush are working solely as mobile apps.

Does Having A Cool Mobile App Means Success?

No, because people, a cool mobile app will lose its charm after few days. But, the app which is running smoothly without getting crash, rules the market. Because if you closely observe the comments in app stores, then you will get a huge pile of complaints regarding the performance of apps.

That’s why to rule the mobile app market, you need a simple and high performing mobile app.

Testing Makes The Mobile App Perfect

And, people, to get the fast and powerful mobile app, you just have to adopt the habit of testing. As a mobile app developer, you need to test your app at every stage and level, so that not an ounce of the problem can be detected in it. Because with a cool and unique mobile app you may get few downloads, but if you are looking for loyal users. Then, you have to offer them the high performing app at any cost.

The mobile app testing not only benefits the users of the app, but it also saves app developer from lots of hassles. The mobile app testing is loaded with the benefits, but the few which you will immediately see are:

Good Reviews:

Now, who doesn’t like positive reviews with the five-star rating on the app stores? So, if you are providing the five-star service to your users, then you will surely get good reviews and lots of other new users in return.

Long Lasting Impact:

The mobile apps which we earlier mentioned at the beginning of the post are still running because they are constantly testing and upgrading. Facebook updates their mobile app after every two weeks and that’s why you can see the Facebook app for all the smartphone users phone.

Helps in Keeping App Up To Date:

Regular mobile app testing will help you in fixing the bugs and making required changes in the performance of the app.

Testing Helps In Every Phase:

Mobile app testing isn’t only for the ready app. You can test your app in the code writing phase also and can detect the coding errors in the beginning.

Save From Loss:

In the beginning, it might seem like mobile app testing is expensive and a waste of money. But, the little testing cost can save you from the bigger loss which you have to face, if your app fails at the end.

Keep Testing, Keep Rocking

Today, there is numerous mobile app testing strategies are available such as Unit Test, Monkey Testing, Functional User Interaction tests, Visual Tests etc. Moreover, plenty of functional tools are also available to perform these tests like BlazeMeter’s, TouchAction, MultiTouchAction, and Appium.

So, in a wrap, people, mobile app users are going to increase in the future. That means more mobile app business opportunities are going to be in the future. So, you need to adopt the habit of mobile app testing to survive in the wave of smartphones.

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