Why is India preferred for outsourcing?


A brief look at India’s outsourcing performance:

The outsourcing means hiring talent from the one nation and taking advantage of their skills in other nation. India is the number 1 nation on outsourcing the talent to other countries and especially in the IT and ITES services Indian people have some monopoly in the world. The Indian IT experts are hired by the top countries MNCs and their talent and knowledge are utilized by them. Right now every top IT based company has experts hired from the India and its biggest example can be the Google CEO who belongs to the Indian community.

The wings of the Indian IT sector are scattered very far from Europe to the America and on the few parts of Latin America, every part of the western nations are familiar with the command of Indians in the IT field. Emerging destinations like North Africa, Eastern Europe, South East Asia pose a strong challenge to Indian growing IT sector. As Philippines has succeeded India’s leadership position in 2013, but only in the BPO segment. However, the Nasscom study indicates that our country still stands out as the most preferred outsourcing destination in terms of breadth and quality, talent pool, the cost of operations and improved facilities.

Well, there are numerous facts present in the Indian environment that keep it high in the Information Technology sector and the companies are attracted toward the Indian IT talent like bee’s attracted toward the honey.

What makes India so special in the IT department?

Apart from talented skilled employees, stable working environment and perfect climatic and geographic conditions, few reasons behind India’s monopoly in the IT department and the reasons that compel companies to outsource talent from India are:

  1. Cost efficient.

    The foreign companies hire talent from India as it saves them a huge chunk of money and 50% of the companies appoint Indian people at lower rates. According to an estimate, USA has saved 80% of their cost in the last four years by outsourcing from India. As the wage rate in the US and Europe is 80% higher than the here and thus they save a huge amount by outsourcing from India.

  2. Super Talented and Skilled employees.

    Well, our country has the world’s largest amount of graduates and skilled people. As the population of the country is over 1.2 billion and there are about 3.1 million graduates added to the workforce every year. So, there is no other place in the world as talented as us and you will never find so much talent in one place anywhere else in the world.

  3. Ideal Time zone.

    We belong to the ideal time zone and which makes the outsourcing from here more appreciated. As we have IST is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT and 10.5 hours ahead of the EST.  The clients are always happy when they get work done in the given time frame.

  4. Infrastructure and technology performance.

    The India is almost developed country, the cellular network and internet connection is present in the every Indian town and city. Thus it eases out the foreign companies to establish their base in India.

Therefore, it is very safe to say that India is going to be a number 1 destination when it comes to the outsourcing business in upcoming years and it will continue to create a lot of career and job opportunities for Indian IT students as well.

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