The Most Influential People in Tech for Inspiration?

Inspiration puts fuel to the excellence:

In any career path it is very important to have an inspiring and strong character as an idol, who has to save believes as you and who fuels the passion inside you. To achieve excellence in the life and to set the targets of life, it must have inspirational personality in life to follow their footsteps. In the technology world, numerous personalities can be found who are exceptionally talented and any one can connect with their success story. These persons have achieved so much success in short span of life that they are the true picture of modern success. So, today we are going to tell you guys about The Most Influential People in Tech for inspiration, according to the ranking of Time's magazine and the Forbes magazine.

The people who are ready to inspire you are:

  1. Elon Musk

The man who dreamed of electronic cars, space rocket, and residential solar power system, and also achieved this dream. This 45 years old man build something interesting in the field of technology and his contributions to the technology sector are very exceptional. With his continues thrive, Tesla is now worth over $50 billion, while SpaceX has successfully demonstrated reusable rocket technology. His next step is towards the artificial human intelligence and he's working on a project to meld people's brains with powerful computers. That's something new and with the strict boss personality, Elon Musk has lots of achievement under his name to inspire the young techy.


  1. Jeff Bezos

TIME's 1999 person of the year is even more influential today. Then an upstart looking to bring e-commerce mainstream largely through online book sales, Bezos' Amazon is remaking the retail industry in its own image. He has also stepped in the field of artificial intelligence with their product Alexa. The big tech companies rely on the Amazon for their cloud computing service and Amazon client list includes Netflix to Spotify. Bezos has made big side bets of his own, founding private spaceflight company Blue Origin and buying The Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million.


  1. Mark Zuckerberg

It is hard not to include Facebook CEO in the race of the most influential tech personalities. The guy who created biggest social media with his friends in his room is the very inspiration for young minds. Not content with Facebook's nearly 2 billion monthly users, Zuckerberg now says he's on a mission to connect the whole world. There might few big hurdles in this step, but we are positive that nothing is impossible to achieve in this world nowadays.


  1. Tim Cook

CEO of the most prestigious brand Apple has some great expertise in the field of technology. Apple is the same brand which brought revolution in the smartphone market and whatever Apple does is bound to follow the rest. Today, Apple is rumored to be experimenting with everything from advanced artificial intelligence to augmented reality and self-driving vehicles. Tim has few major plans for the Apple which leads to indefinite growth in the tech world. So, he is the true inspiration for the tech geeks.

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