Interlinked Relationship Between Algorithms in Programming


Algorithms are integrated with Programming:

Designing a program is a very humble task and not at all easy. So, programmers sometimes put forward some questions related to Algorithms in programming. Especially, the question related to the importance of algorithms while generating the program. Well, if you are a young programmer and the same question is hammering your mind, then we have something for you. To understand the importance of algorithms in the creation of programming, we first need to understand the algorithms. We need to understand why algorithms are considered as integrated part of the programming process.

Something about Algorithms!

If we simply define the algorithm, then it is chronological order to solve any particular problem. Algorithm means finding the solution for any problem step by step. So, if we relate it to programming, then it means solving programming equation step by step. Moreover, Algorithm offers set of programs and techniques to handle any prevailing issue. As there are plenty of methods available to solve the problem, but without the algorithm, it is difficult to select the perfect method. So, the algorithm is a full power-packed system to solve any problem. That’s why the algorithm is a tool for programmers to estimate the upcoming fault in advance.

Importance of Algorithms in programming!

As we have figured what algorithm is and how come it is related to programming. So, now let’s figure out why it is important for programming. For that let’s take a living example, Suppose you are a bricklayer and you are building a bridge out of bricks. Being a bricklayer you have a general idea that you need columns, footings, and arches. So, you can easily build one bridge-like structure, but you would not have any idea whether if it would stand up to waves, wind, earthquakes or heavy trucks. For that, you need to actuality test the bridge after it is constructed.

It is the same case in programming, where you know what you want to create, but you have no idea whether it will or not come out as you desire.  So, here algorithm comes as it identifies the limitations of the program and provides tools to solve them. Well, algorithms show you the right method to approach prevailing issuing. Like, if you want a data structure(DS) to save data and get it back again later. You have plenty of ways to do that, like A database? A hash table?An array? A distributed key-value store. So, algorithm tells you to pick the correct approach to design dynamic program.

Some cool Example of Algorithms available:

  • Google Search Engine(GSE) or Google Map is a very common example of a live algorithms work. As this website totally works on the algorithms providing best results to their users.
  • Google car drive is next best example of algorithms in our surroundings.
  • The robotics industry is summoned with the algorithms as robots are operated using this technology.
  • Numerous websites use Cryptography to decode and anti-code our passwords and other personal details. So, practically algorithms are everywhere, you just need to open your eyes.


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