Why is the Internet insecure by nature?


The Internet is highly Vulnerable.

This is the highly true statement that the INTERNET is very vulnerable. As the internet is defined as the world wide web and sole purpose of the internet is to connect one computer with the another. The internet basically is an openly sourced network to connect the local computer with the globe. The today’s life totally revolves around the dynamic world of the internet, where everyone is connected with another. The internet popularity can be seen from that business sector to the personal lifestyle of any person. But with the overdose of the internet and elimination of the privacy barrier with the over utilization of the internet, numerous problems have been developed. The issue of the cyber security and cyber attack is one of them.

In recent times news of the security breach due to the internet can be heard a lot. Much of it has been about the cyber war with China and Iran, but there have been numerous attacks for criminal purposes and revelations on the serious vulnerabilities of Java and Adobe Flash. So, the question about the how to secure the internet is and its impact on our lives is very critical.

Why the Internet can’t be categorized as a secure system?

To better understand the security aspect of the internet, we need to examine the history behind it and the design of the internet. The internet was created as an open system with a goal of universal access.  Security was not only an afterthought, it was almost an oxymoron. Encryption was only added in 1994 with SSL and most internet messages are still sent unencrypted. Internet technology basically works on the public domain system which means the magic behind it is open in front of us and everything present for the view.

As the internet works on the peer to peer technology, which has the benefit of making it virtually impossible to bring the internet as a system down. There is no single point of failure that can impact all or even large parts of the internet.

How the Internet attracts threats?

Well, the internet is an openly sourced network, that fact has already been established. So, when you request for the web site from your browser, then the browser sends the request for the web site for your local computer. When you visit the website, you won’t only receive the website, but also some other elements. Such as, Image files, animation files, JavaScript files, Java and other programs may be sent to your local computer for your browser to use. So, practically every file behind the made up of the website comes to your computer. So, this is a practical invitation to the threats. Well, whenever you visit a web site you open a door to your computer through which the site can send files. All of these separate files have been used by criminals and other evil doers to harm computer users.

The Internet harms the following parts:

  • Your identity can be stolen and used for the financial frauds.
  • You can link with the phony sites.
  • Your system can be slammed by unauthorized websites.

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