iOS developers : 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Realm


About Realm:

The realm is the database build after the hard work of many years and introduced in the market in 2014. The Realm is a database designed from the run down directly to work on the phones, tablets, and wearables. The Realm is easy to use, very efficient and simple database, that can easily work on any device. Not like other databases, realm allows you to directly work inside your iOS apps and soon Android apps to store & query data locally on the device, allowing you to build apps faster, build apps that are faster and craft previously impossible experiences.

Being a web developer you have only one option available since 2000, SQLite.  It is being used in every mobile phone nowadays either directly or by the form of numerous wraps such as Couchbase Lite, Core Data, ORMLite, etc. But it is 2017 and now is the time to change old methods and adopt better database realm. After its launch, the realm team has introduced some other tools, such as Realm Java, Realm JavaScript, Realm Xamarin, as well as the Realm Mobile Platform. Well, if you are hesitating to use realm, then look below some amazing reasons of using this cool database.

Why use Realm?

  1. Super Simple.

The realm is designed for to provide ease to the users and help them operate easily. In realm, the data is directly exposed as objects and queryable by code, there isn’t any need to use ORMs with the performance and maintenance of data. The realm developing team has worked hard to minimize the use of APIs and only three 3 classes are used in the realm, Object, Arrays and Realms and only 1 utility class called Migrations. The users can easily pick the realm and run their apps on it.

  1. Furious Speed.

The numerously available libraries offer same features as the SQLite, but all on the compromise of speed. But realm is the only system who same features as the SQLite and that’s without affecting the speed. The realm put great consideration on the speed while providing the better features.

  1. The utility of Realm Browser.

The web developers have few solutions to explore their CoreData database independently, but they all very expensive and hard to use. The few of them:  SQLite Professional, Core Data Editor, Core Data Pro, etc. But the realm team has made the easy utility tool to handle this issue, the Realm Browser. In this browser, you can easily find out the realm database and can easily edit, as you please.

  1. Cross Platform.

Right now realm is available for the iOS platform only, but soon it will be available on the android platform also. According to the news, it can work with the same database on the both platform. This will save lots of time and money of the web developers.

  1. Free with blasting features.

The realm is totally free database with the amazing features. The realm team is very hard working and they are always ready to hear your queries. They are very responsive and provide you always a satisfying solution.


In this blog, we have just provided you with the sneak peek on the amazing features of realm database. This system is very dynamic and new features are being regularly updated on it. So, this can be easily your next choice to build the app.

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