It’s a Right Time to Adopt Time Saving Designs


Time Is A Virtue

Time is a something which modern day man lacks the most. Today human being is racing at the time, so if you are a web developer then you should keep the time factor in your mind.

Because your visitor isn’t going to search page after page on your website for the information. No, if he gets required information in the first look, then alright, otherwise he will search information somewhere else. This is how the thinking of visitors work and to get high conversion rate you as a web designer has to understand it.

According to one survey, average human’s attention span is the one-second shorter than the goldfish. And, to be a successful web developer you have to capture that limited attention span of human beings.

A Word On Time Saving Designs

Well, time-saving designs don’t mean you have to go all minimal, it means to try to be simple, but not too simple. ┬áNavigation, content, and headlines all direct users to the information, CTA, or form they need to take the next step of the customer journey.

So, the time-saving designs mean the design which is very easy to navigate and can interpret information quickly. Well, data has showcased that conversion rate of time-saving design websites is far better than the complexity designed websites.

In the time-saving designs, linear design is preferred by the visitors rather than the drop-down menu option. The web developers should present important information on the top of the website in a linear form and other subpages should be attached to it. So, that user can easily navigate your website without any problem.

Key Elements of Time Saving Designs

Well, designing a time-saving website isn’t a rocket science, just follow few very basic elements and your website will easily pass the category of time-saving design. Such as:

Minimal Navigation.

Your site has to follow minimal navigation rule. As no one like to scroll down for their information. The information on your website should be presented on the first page so that user won’t have to scroll down. Use eye catchy short phrases, links, buttons, and a customized menu to make your site minimal.

Use Visual Graphics.

People react more positivity to the graphical features like images, videos, and gifs. So, use graphics on your site to break the content and encourage users to take action. As the written content will dull the appearance of your site and moreover, no one wants to read long content.

Linear Progression.

Any website or app that wants to encourage a certain behavior can use linear design to encourage visitors to take certain actions. Simply insert “read more” option to your posts and this way the user can check out all your posts and can read the content which appeals them the most.

Automated Suggestions.

The user who is first time visiting your site likes to know the specialties of your website. So, they look for the recommendation similarly when we ask the waiter about their specialties before ordering anything in the restaurant. So, pin up your most liked posts on the top, so that new visitors can enjoy them.

Time Saving Designs are nothing special, but just a way of creating welcoming website for all the users. So, be friendly web developers and design time-saving websites for your readers.

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