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“Android” is an operating software which has slowly captured the whole smart device industry. Today, if you are not using the iOS or Windows operating systems, then you are indeed using an Android os. More than half of the smart devices industry is ruled by the Android.

Nowadays, Android has become more than an operating system, it has become the mean of accomplishing numerous personal and business requirements for us. Today, for our every requirement an utility app is available on the Play Store to guide us. That’s why Android developers are daily creating new utility apps and uploading them on the Play Store.

But, this overflow in the Android apps industry has somehow increased the competition and expectations among the users. Users want a fast and free from bugs type of apps. And, if your app isn’t able to offer this, the user can easily switch to another app. As of today, numerous alternatives of the same app are available in the market.

That’s why to make sure that your app is working fine and free from the attack of the bugs, you need to test your Android apps. To sustain and survive in the app market, you have to test your Android app at every stage.

Benefits of Testing Android Apps

Well, people, we can offer you numerous reasons to justify the fact that you should test your Android apps before uploading it to the Play Store. However, in this post, we will only cover the prime reasons to prove our point:

For The Success of the App

In the development of one app, lots of technical and manual hard work is required. Every app developer wants his app to be technically strong as well as free from errors. But, in the creation of an app lot of coding work is required and while writing long codes, the mistake is bound to happen. And, sometimes these small mistakes in the code leads to the bugs or errors in the app. So, if you want a successful app, then you need to build a flawless code and that’s only possible with the testing.

Advanced Tools

If you have ever tried to manually test the app, then you might have experienced that it’s not a one-man job. Testing app manually requires lots of time and patience. But, this whole process of testing apps has been improved with the availability of advanced testing tools. Today, numerous paid and free app testing tools are available in the market to make the app testing effective and efficient.

Performance of Your App

The performance of your app or we can say a number of app downloads are directly related to the bugs present in your app. Suppose if a user downloads your app from the play store and find out that your app has bugs or errors. Then, the user will immediately post the bad reviews of your app on the play store. And, developers, when the next user stumbles upon your app, then this negative remark will drive him away from your app as well. So, one loophole in the performance of your app can drive away from numerous potential users. You can easily sort this issue with the app testing, so why aren’t you doing it.

To Create Reputation

If you want to establish a name for your app on the Play Store, then you need to get the good reviews and stars in the store. And, the good reviews are related to the speed and error-free nature of your app.

So, to get organic downloads and reviews on the Play Store, you have to provide the technically sound and bugs free apps. And, to achieve this you have to test your Android apps. There is a no if or but in this fact that for a successful Android app, you have to test.

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