Java 9 is here! Let’s talk about the new features, what to expect and where to download!


Welcome Aboard Java 9:

Well, after the long wait and delay of one month finally JAVA 9 is here. Java has always been one dynamic programming language and every new upgradation in Java is a festive time for Java fans. So, everyone is eager to unfold the new features of Java and try them out. So, to serve the curiosity of numerous tech geeks, we have laid down brief outlook of the Java 9. We have searched few new features of Java 9 plus some benefits and future of this new Java 9.

What to expect from Java 9?

#JPMS & Jigsaw.

Okay, so the major feature of Java 9 without any doubt would be the Java Platform Module System short for JPMS. JPMS further comes under the wings of Project Jigsaw. Well, Jigsaw itself is a big name and has plenty of modulations for JDK files, but JPMS is real artwork for a programmer. Moreover, IntelliJ IDEA supports the Java Platform Module System with a number of features. You can easily create a file for your IntelliJ IDEA modules:

@01-new-module-info. Well, this module will give the basic structure to your module and gives the module name which will be similar to your IntelliJ IDEA module. It will also highlight the code for you.

@03-module-path. This module solves your some common problems and easily solve them with required output.

# Factory Method.

In Java 9 lots simple and tiny APIs are included for the convincing of developers. In the Java 9 collection of all the fixed content is created, so that programmers can use them whenever it required. IntelliJ IDEA has inspection feature which makes sure the proper utilization of content.

# Thread.onSpinWait.

Well, Java 9 is a truly smart system as it allows you give hint to JVM to make performance better. Particularly in a situation where your code is running in loops waiting for some action, in this situation you can use Thread.onSpinWait to estimate the runtime.

# Improved Deprecation. 

This seems to be a very small feature, but it is going to help programmers very much. Developers can better understand their code Deprecation with the Java 9. Now instead of merely tagging code as deprecated and (possibly) documenting the reasons in the Javadoc, the @Deprecated tag supports two useful new attributes, “since” and “for removal”. It’s going to ease out developers life.

#JShell. For the first time, Java 9 comes with the REPL features called as JShell. This can be run from command line, or from the terminal inside IntelliJ IDEA. This also has a basic console that allows you to work with JShell from inside the IDE, similar to the Groovy Console.

Round of Applaud for Java 9.

Okay, so Java 9 has numerous other cool features also, such as Streams API, additions to Optional, private methods on interfaces, and much more. For, the better judgment on Java 9 we have to wait for its results or you can try it yourself by simply downloading it online. But, overall Java 9 right now seems very great invention and with the hope that like its predecessor’s Java 9 also rocks, we warmly welcome the Java 9.

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