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Okay, so have you been lately thinking about learning codes, but doesn’t know how will it benefits you in landing a good job. Then, people, you are missing out on big opportunities here as learning codes not only open up the jobs of developers for you but numerous other lucrative job opportunities also.

The knowledge of coding not only offers you a single career path. Learning codes can open up numerous alternative career opportunities for you also. Mere knowledge of coding can offer you the following prospective career opportunities:

  1.    Technical Writers

If you have knowledge of the codes, then you can write about them and earn your livelihood. You can start your own blog about coding tutorials, how to guides, product reviews, and numerous other topics. Plus you have your own coding experiences with you which you can share with the other aspiring programmers.

Moreover, the money made by the technical writer is way more than the money made by a general copywriter. If you don’t want to start your own blog, then no worries as the companies like Google are always hiring good technical writers and they also pay a handsome salary to writers.

  1.    Instructional Designer

This job is similar to the technical writer, the job of the instructional designer also involves content creation. But, the role of the instructional designer is different in every company. However, the main job of an instructional designer is to understand the need of the learner’s and provide the material to learn.

The instructional designer has to build the curriculum, which can involve writing programs to grade online quizzes, accept homework, and the like. So, your coding knowledge can come very handy in the of an instructional designer.

  1.    User Experience Designer

The job of the UX design involves performing market research on the particular product. The user experience designer has to conduct market research, build a framework of product and made iteration on the basis of received feedback. So, in all this process your knowledge of the code becomes very useful.

Especially, when you have to conduct A/B testing and mock-up testing, then your skills of front-end developer in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other programming languages become very vital. Moreover, being a user experience designer, you have to closely work with the engineers and other technical team members. So, having little technical knowledge will ease out the communication with them.

  1.    Product Manager

The product managers are usually referred to as product CEO who has to manage everything related to the product. It is the duty of the product managers to establish a channel of communication between the top level management to the bottom level working staff.

The product managers with the technical knowledge can easily communicate with the technical and design team. The manager with technical can understand the limitations and benefits of the technology better and can easily take advantage of it.  So, with the coding knowledge, the product managers can benefit their career graph very much.

  1.    Content Marketer

The job of the content marketer is to distribute the useful content online to increase the online presence of the company. The company’s use of different blogs, videos, images and social media platforms to distribute their content.

The company’s mainly looking for the following expertise in their content marketers; HTML (for formatting blog posts), SEO best practices, Adobe products like Photoshop or Illustrator and Software like MS Office Suite, Google Drive, HubSpot, Marketo, CMS (WordPress, Drupal). You don’t have to be expert in all, but the basic idea of the everything is preferred.

So, you see people learning codes can open up numerous career opportunities for you. That’s why now your coding hub LearnCodeOnline is available offline also. Yep, if you want to learn codes and other lucrative courses offline, then you can visit the LearnCodeOnline institute in Jaipur and learn codes. Otherwise, our online courses are always there to help you out.

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