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Job Seeking Trends are Changing:

Today we are standing on the verge of a new era of digitalization. Where everything is changing rapidly and traditional methods are being replaced with new trends. These changing trends are affecting every section of society, especially the job hunting process is very much affected by it. The old traditional method, where you visit the office to office in search of employment has been totally revamped.

This digital era has presented a new method of hiring and job seeking. Now, you need to be online to search job and get hired by the potential employer. There are few things that a new aspiring job hunter in today’s world should know. We have summarised few new ways of getting employed and we hope you will get benefit from them.

Social Media Presence.

The social media is an integral part of today’s lifestyle. It is neck to impossible to survive without social media today. To stay in touch with new employment opportunities you have to be constantly active on social media. As today every potential employer search employees through social media platforms. That’s why you have to create one dynamic social media profile to lure new employers into your work.

To attract clients make your profile meaningful and professional. Suppose, you are a programmer and looking for a new gig. Then share your coding samples on social media platforms, like Github.  As software companies always looking for a fresh programmer on this kind of websites. And moreover, make your account clean and highly professional.

Dynamic LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn is the new way to get employed. Create one dynamic LinkedIn profile and get in touch with new persons. That is the modern age recipe of getting employment. As according to Commongood Careers, 95% of hiring managers and recruiters search for candidates on the website and around 79% have hired a candidate they found on LinkedIn. Having LinkedIn account is the best way to showcase your résumé, skills, and connection to new employers.

Digital Resume.

Now, your old CV writing on a crisp page won’t work. As now employers want to know more about their employees than a piece of paper can offer. That’s why nowadays video resumes are trending. Where job seeker has to share information about his skills via a video clip. With video resumes, you can show your communication skill, tech skills, and personality very effectively.

Video Interview.

Like video resume, now interview of potential candidates are also being conducted by videography. A video interview is becoming more and more prevalent in our tech-heavy world. The rules of video interview are pretty much same dressing appropriately, being cognizant of posture and body language and staying professional at all times. The only difference is that instead of seating in new surrounding you will be conducted the interview in the comfort of your own house.

Adapt New Trend.

So, job seekers above-mentioned points are only a few new trends of the digital era. As there are plenty of new changes being developing. So, try to adopt these changes as quickly as you can to sustain little longer.

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