Kali Linux Rolling 2017.2 Released with New Features, Download here :-

Image Credits : https://www.kali.org/news/kali-linux-2017-2-release/

Offensive Security has released kali Linux 2017.2, Download here :

What is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is the favourite operating system for Pentesters and Ethical Hacking with inbuilt tools to pentest the web application, network and software security.

Why 2017.2 (Rolling Edition) is released?

Last year, the developers of ethical hacking tools decided to switch the rolling version of kali, though Sana is also released but rolling ensures that it is regularly being updated with latest features, repositories and bug fixes. I can also see the change in images and icons of Kali 2017.2 but that is not much important.
Latest Kali comes wit the bunch of exciting features and updates.

KALI LINUX 2017.2 New Features :-

  1. Hurl : a useful little hexadecimal and URL encoder/decoder.
  2. Phishery : phishery lets you inject SSL-enabled basic auth phishing URLs into a .docx Word document
  3. ssh-audit – an SSH server auditor that checks for encryption types, banners, compression, and more.
  4. apt2 – an Automated Penetration Testing Toolkit that runs its own scans or imports results from various scanners, and takes action on them.
  5. bloodhound – uses graph theory to reveal the hidden or unintended relationships within Active Directory
  6. crackmapexec – a post-exploitation tool to help automate the assessment of large Active Directory networks
  7. dbeaver – powerful GUI database manager that supports the most popular databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, and many more
  8. brutespray – automatically attempts default credentials on discovered services

How to download Kali 2017.2?

Method 1 : Kali Rolling 2017.2 can be downloaded from the official Kali Download Page.

Method 2 : If you already have Kali Linux into your system as a dual boot or in any Virtual Machine then you can write the following commands in your terminal.

apt update 
apt dist-upgrade

Major Highlight :

  • RTL8812AU Wireless Card Injection support

RTL8812AU Wireless Card Injection support
This release brings wireless injection support to 802.11ac standard. This has happened due to the implementation of drivers for RTL8812AU chipsets. For installing the driver, you simply need to run the following command:

apt-get update
apt install realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms
  • CUDA GPU Cracking support

Thanks to the improvements in packaging, the users can now experience a streamlined GPU cracking process. The tools like Hashcat and Pyrit can take full advantage of NVIDIA GPUs within Kali.
Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Availability (GPU Support)
As AWS P2-Series and Azure NC-Series allow pass-through GPU support, the corresponding images were made to support GPU cracking out of the box.
OpenVAS 9 Packaged in Kali Repositories
Kali devs felt that their ethical hacking OS lacked a full-fledged vulnerability scanner. With the addition of newly packaged OpenVAS 9, this gap has been filled.
Due to its large footprint, OpenVAS 9 isn’t included in the default release, but you can download and install it using these commands:

apt-get update
apt install openvas

We hope you will update your machine after reading this informative blog because it is necessary to stay updated in the field of ethical hacking & information security.

Happy Pentesting 🙂

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