The Latest Open Source Tools for Web Developers


The web is growing exponentially and so are the softwares that make life of web developers easy.We have lots of tools and technologies for the web development, but since we cannot include all of them I’ve handpicked some of them. Hopefully you will find your new tool or resouce that will help you in web development workflow.

Angular JS

Angular JS is a JavaScript based web application framework for dynamic web app development.It’s mainly maintained by Google, and by a community of individuals and corporations to address the many difficulties faced by web developers around the world.It focuses on data binding ,extensible HTML and application test ability,but still in design and prototyping stage. Its features and benefits are:

  • Speed & Perfomance.
  • Mobile Oriented
  • Flexible Development
  • Supports server side pre-rendering.
  • Simple and expressive
  • Compresive routing
  • Animations


Node.js is a open source,cross platform Javascript run time environment for developing diverse variety of tools and applications.Node.js uses an event-driven,non blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient. Its package ecosystem , npm is the largest open-source ecosystem in the world. Some of the well known users of Node.js are godaddy,GroupOn,IBM,Walmart,Ciso Systems, Netflix.


Syntactically awesome style sheets is an open source styling language that helps reduce lot of repetitive work and maintainability challenges of traditional CSS. It is perhaps the most powerful,stable and matureĀ  grade CSS in the world.SASS is the extension of CSS adding nested rules ,variables ,mixins ,selector inheritance and more.


BootStrap is a free,open source tool well know for fast development of responsive desig. It has a set of its own classes and grids ,buttons ,forms ,navigation,containers,media queries and JavaScript extensions.Bootstrap project is the most starred project on github with 91K stars and more than 38K forks.


GitLab is an open source tools used by developers to create and manage code bases collaboratively.It is developed by GitLab Inc. It’s main customers are IBM,Sony, NASA, Alibaba and CERN. Its key features are :

  • Access to source code
  • Fully modifiable
  • Long-term Viability
  • New stable version every month
  • Built with community support.


XAMPP is an open souce , cross platform tool which is one of the most favoured by web developers. The full form of XAMPP is X-cross platform, Apache, MariaDB, PHP and PERL. Earlier it is used as MySQL instead of MariaDB.XAMPP is a complete package of these libraries, so developers need not to worry about installing and configuring PHP, MariaDB and Apache.


Notepad++ is an open source text and open source code editor for Microsoft windows. Since 2015 Notepad ++ has been hosted on GitHub. It has wide community of support and plugins . Noteback++ also supports Macro recording and playback, Bookmark and PCRE ( Perl Compatible Regular Expressions)Search/Replace.

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