Why to learn Android development online



As you are reading this, means you know what is android. So let me tell you something that you may not know-

     According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, the Android operating system captured a record 88% global market share.


So learning Android development is surely a great choice.

Now you are thinking  ‘Where to learn ?’

Let me answer your question-  

The best way of learning anything is ‘online learning’ and there are hundreds of good reasons of learning online. Let me tell you some of them.


Reasons to learn Android Development online –


1. Comfort

You will not be bound to take hours of physical class sessions on those uncomfortable chairs when you opt for online education.                                                                           You can access all the lectures and needed materials via online platform from your home.



2. Study Anytime, Anywhere

   No restriction of time. You can learn anytime and anywhere like in park, on roof, in metro and pretty much everywhere you want.

Whenever you get free time, just login to your online platform and start learning.


3. 24×7 Access

      You are provided  24×7 access so that you can learn anytime and any number of times you want. Most of  the online learning platforms provide one year of full access on their material, so that you can revise whenever you need.

They also have responsive discussion forums where you can post any query related to course and they help you out in a short time.



4. World class education

Experts are not available everywhere and you have to move to other places for experts. But through online learning you can get world class education from top known experts at your home.                                                   The benefit of learning from experts is that they tell you each and every bit of course and teach practical implementation.

They makes you perfect to tackle real world problems.  


5. Affordable price

Online learning is far more cheaper and better than offline. You can get courses of your choice at lower price that you can afford.




For learning Android development, go and check out  Complete Android Development with Java.


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