Learn the Basics of Hybrid Cloud Computing and It’s Edgy Benefits


Okay, readers, we are today going to educate about the new terminology called “hybrid cloud computing”. Well, guys, it is a merger of good qualities of the private cloud and the public cloud. This system is a collaboration of private cloud’s super tight security features along the swift connectivity and complemented with the easy to access the quality of the public cloud.

However, if you are a typical nerd and won’t be satisfied without the proper certified definition, then straight from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the definition is;

“The cloud infrastructure is a composition of two or more distinct cloud infrastructures (private, community, or public) that remain unique entities, but are bound together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability.”

When Hybrid Cloud Computing Popularity Increased?

Well, if you are wondering when this cloud computing style gains tremendous popularity, then the core reason for it is enterprises. The cybersecurity has been always the main priority of the enterprises as lately it has been threatened a lot. So, when enterprises found the highly secured solution in the form of hybrid cloud computing technology, then slowly the popularity of this technology gained hefty growth.

The power security to the enterprises have been the core benefit of this cloud computing system, but apart from offering a hybrid security system, this technology has numerous other benefits as well. All the lucrative benefits of the hybrid cloud computing environment have been discussed ahead.

The Benefits

  • It can be operated on the low capital cost as the public cloud.
  • It is systematic integration of the public cloud computing with the on-site hardware which provides the sharp control of security and regulation in the hands of the regulating company.
  • Hybrid cloud system functions behind the firewall, the same as the private cloud.
  • This computing system of scalability to fluctuating computing demands. This system scale up the features of public or down to the private cloud.

The Providers of Hybrid Cloud Computing

Okay, so if you want to scale up the security level of your business’s digital footprints, then you must be ready to adopt the hybrid cloud environment. So, if you are looking for the providers of this service, then there are numerous service providers available such as;

  • Amazon Web Services – The hybrid cloud offered by Amazon includes storage, networking, security, application deployment, and management tools.
  • Cisco-Google Cloud Platform – It is an open cloud system based on the hybrid structure. The main element of this structure is Istio, it is a new container and micro service technology which is an open sourced. It allows the user to use the policy based control to connect, secure, discover services both in on-site and in the cloud.
  • HPE – From this provider, you can get a customized cloud computing system depending on the enterprise’s requirements.
  • VMWare Hybrid Cloud Extension – The objective of this service is to bring app mobility from both private and public cloud environment.
  • Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud – This cloud works on helping the companies by sharing their workload and making them efficient.
  • Red Hat – Under this cloud system, you will get a couple of cloud products like RedHat Openshift and the Red Hat Cloud suite.
  • Oracle Hybrid Cloud – This service focuses on easing out the management of cloud lifecycle. IBM Z Hybrid Cloud – Its products revolve around security services and quick deployment.
  • SAP HANA – This platform offers a number of options for deployment across different platforms like private and public clouds.

So, if you want to enjoy the features of both public and private cloud computing, then get yourself the hybrid cloud computing. And, enjoy good qualities of both the cloud environments.

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