Let’s Create Virus Using Batch Files


If this topic sounds bit controversial, then folks if you wanna beat your enemy than you need to understand the working of it as well. So, the virus is every computer system owners enemy and the best way to beat it is to understand the formation of the virus. Today we will study the formation of the virus using the batch files.

We all know that batch files can be used to automate the task. It can automatically clean your PC to improve its speed and performance, etc., However, these automatic useful batch files can be dangerous if they misunderstood your command and can create the virus for your system. So, in this post, we will see how batch files create a virus?

How to Create Virus using Batch Files?

Folder replication virus

As the name suggests the folder replication virus creates lots of duplicate empty folders which makes the computer system fuzzy and odd. It doesn’t affect the computer system much, but it indeed impacts the real time. The program creates all these folders in the random locations, so if you are thinking about deleting them, then that’s not practically possible. But, still there is not any other way, then the manually to locate and delete every such folder.

If you are wondering which code can create the numerous empty folders in your system, then we have made some modifications to the program and illustrated the program. By running this program an infinite number of empty folders will be created on your computer within a few minutes. This program is a bad news, so please try it on your own risk;

@echo off
cd C: Documents and SettingsusernameDesktop
: loop
goto loop


• The first of the program sets the echo to off state.
• Later, we will move to the desktop using ‘cd’ command.
• In the next step, loop label declares to iteration the block below it unconditionally. Using ‘md %RANDOM%’ command a folder is made with a random name.
• Lastly, ‘goto loop’ command will control back to the label loop and repeats the above two steps again.

DNS Poisoning

Here we will observe how two lines of code can hack your personal account. You might have heard about the cases where a hacker has created the exact copy of the targeted website and host it using the unique IP address. The hacker can send you a batch file programmed to change your host files by redirecting you to the targeted site instead of the original site. When you click on the batch file, your host will modify and you can’t do anything to prevent yourself. Just look at the program and you can’t believe that this small and innocent code can be so dangerous;

@echo off
echo http://www.facebook .com >> C:windowssystem32driversetchosts.txt

The code showcases the line to your host file and whenever you type the Facebook.com in your web browser, then you will take to the IP address uses in the code which has been tampered by the hacker. So, this code can hack your Facebook account easily.
Shortcut to remove virus from USB drive

del *.lnk
attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:*.*

This code can delete the ‘.lnk’ files and the next one changes the attributes of the files and makes the visible to you where ‘e’ is your USB drive letter.

Well, folks, this is a just basic introduction to the batch files. There is plenty of other stuff to learn about the batch files. First, master the basics of batch files and then explore the other features of it on the internet.

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