Let’s Feast Upon Pinterest’s Taste Graph Strategy


Get A Hobby With Pinterest

Well, usually apart from the school hobby class, we don’t pay much attention towards learning new things. But, after the introduction of biggest hobbies hub Pinterest, everything has changed. Now, everybody is indulging in the different hobbies and pinning their interests.

In the beginning, Pinterest targeted 400 unique hobbies and interests which can be pinned in 29 board categories. But, you won’t believe that at present Pinterest has 5000+ interests nested under it, that has increased pins to 10 times.

Wow, simply wow, from hairstyling to blogging, every interest in covered there. Moreover, with Pinterest Taste Graph strategy whole process of learning new interests has changed into one of the coolest marketing tools. Pinterest is today being used as the high powered promotional platform with lots of promising features

Taste Graph Strategies Benefits For A Marketer

This new Pinterest feature has gathered 100 billion pins for the platform. That means more audiences attraction and far better reach, which is a like dream come true for an e-marketer. So, let’s see how can a marketer take benefits from the taste graph feature for the successful marketing.

Target Your Audiences

Well, Pinterest reaches up to 2 million users every month, so that’s a dynamite option to reach people. But, don’t try to target all their users as every Pinterest user isn’t your audiences. If you are selling fitness equipment, then target the users who are pinning fitness and diet as their interest.

So, don’t go for every Pinterester, as your audiences are right in front of you. That’s why put your energy and resources to get your audience’s attention.

Your CTR Will Increase

Obviously, if you target the small mass of interested audiences with your ads, then your click-through rate will likely to increase. As you are targeted the people who are already looking for you.

In fact, Pinterest Product Manager, John Milinovich, said, “In early tests, many advertisers are seeing 50% increases in their click-through rates, and 20% more cost-effective clicks.” So, people trust the facts of experts.

Customer Satisfaction

No, user like to see unnecessary ads while browsing as they always want to look for stuff related to their interest only.  So, when users are getting what they are looking for, then users are bound to be satisfied.

Less Competition

Okay, so when you narrow down your field of promotion, then your competition will automatically reduce. As you are almost targeting the potentially interested buyers, so there is a very low competition present.

Which Interest Attracts The People?

So, before targeting any particular interests topic and start targeting that area. Make sure to check the popularity of that interest niche on numerous analytic tools, such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Analysis Your Social Media Account
  • Analysis Your Buyers Persona
  • Analysis Your Web Content

So, after analysis these areas you will get the interest which will sell more for you. That’s why carefully target your audiences with the taste graph feature of Pinterest. And, by targeting the small, but valuable mass, get desired attention towards your product.

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