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If you are starting your journey as a coder or a programmer and have been facing problem in learning and remembering the different types of codes, then don’t think about quitting it. Well, because quitting is not necessary when expert coder and tech guru like Hitesh Chaudhary is here to help you out.

Addressing the issues of new programmers and aspiring developers, Hitesh has created a YouTube video on his channel where he has shared some of his personal experiences so that you all can learn something from it. So, taking important findings from Hitesh Chaudhary’s informative video “tips to improve the logic building in programmers” we have crafted this post for our readers.

Experience Makes You Better

Well, if you are wondering that you can become a pro coder after one or two sessions, then my friend that’s not going to happen. You cannot become an influential problem solver after learning codes immediately. To get the grip of different syntax codes, you have to practice hard and learn from your own experience.

Like, you cannot be smart than the book, because it has been created after years of experience and practice. So, just make this clear in your head that you cannot be a good programmer without the backup of years of experience.

Don’t Stick to One Code

Suppose, if you have today learned a simple code of how to separate even and odd numbers, then don’t just keep on practicing it again and again. We are not contradicting our own words here guys, we are just saying don’t get stuck on one code. You learned new code and practice it for two-three times, then just stop and move to another code. Now, after learning some more codes, do come back to your first learned code again and don’t panic as you might not remember it. And, that’s how you should practice again.

Face Challenges

If you keep on creating simple codes and don’t dig deeper into the real programming problems, then you can’t be a true coder. To learn something new, you have to face the challenges by creating apps or web tools to test your knowledge. By practicing in the real environment, you will get to know so many different things that you can not learn by yourself. You have to pull off your game face and be ready to face real programming challenges.

Sneak Peek at Other People’s Code

The next important thing that you should do to be a dynamic coder would be checking out the codes written by other people. When you view the codes written by your co-programmers, then you will understand what you have been missing out and how you can improve your coding skills. You can self learn and improve by gazing at other people’s work. You can easily check out codes created by your fellow peers on GitHub. So, daily spend some time to read other people’s code to better yourself.

Contact Your Community

It’s always good to hang out with your peers who are as passionate as you. You can join the biggest programmers community called StackOverflow. This is a very friendly community where you can find JavaScript programmers to Swift app designer to chit chat with. This community has an answer to all your questions. If your problem has not been already addressed on the portal, then you can ask from your fellow programmers and can get your solution easily.

Work on a Project

If you actually want to understand the life of a programmer, then start working on the real project. You can first start working as a freelancer to get hang of the actual project environment and trust us actual experience is going to be very different. So, dive into the real pool of projects to be a real coder.

If you are looking for more deep insight on the topic, then do subscribe Hitesh Chaudhary’s Youtube channel.

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