Let’s Interlink Google My Business & Google+Business


Business Growth = Google Presence

Well, we can’t deny the fact that Google is more than a mere search engine tool. Today, practically every virtual corner of our life is ruled by Google and its subsidiaries. As currently, 2.2 million Google account holders are present around the globe.

So, in the aspect of growing business, we can only say that without Google my business, your business is nothing. Yes, if today you own a business and have no presence on the Google. Then, my good friend, you are missing lots of happening opportunities to grow.

Google has tones of tools that can help your business to grow even more. But, a mantra of success here is to equally participate in the every Google’s business tool for the dynamic results. So, if you are using Google my business already, then you must use Google+ and other Google tools also.

Merging Google My Business & Google+Business

Okay, so you are already registered your business with Google, but to get the dynamic results you need to link all the subsidiaries of Google together. Don’t know how to do?

Well, no worries, that’s a very easy 10 steps merging theory of Google My Business and Google+Business.

1. Firstly, create separate Google+ page for your business.

2. Verify your business on Google maps.

3. Log in to your Google account by using your e-mail I’d and password.

4. From the top left corner, click on the page.

5. Click Manage this page on the local page.

6. Again click on the sidebar at the upper left corner and click on settings.

7. Scroll down to the profile section and connect all the pages of your business together.

8. A dialogue box saying “Link a different page to this location” will appear.

9. Connect all the business pages in the next step.

10. The list of changes made will appear and after clicking on confirm all the changes will be implemented.

What To Expect After Merger?

Well, this merger will bring out some changes to your business appearance on Google. Such as:

  • You are now on Google maps.

  • Your business reviews and information will appear on the local page.

  • The name and verification badge from the local page can be seen.

  • Pictures from the earlier local page won’t be shown.

  • All your social media posts can be easily managed from now onwards.

  • The owner’s response no longer shown on the local page.

Why Only Google?

Merging your business with Google and its subsidiaries will offer you numerous benefits. The benefits which are hard to achieve anywhere else, like:

  • Google will appear your business on maps, search engine, and Google+. That means your customers can more easily locate your business on the internet.

  • Google’s Analytic tool provides you the insight metrics of your business data. The tool not only analysis the customer’s reaction towards your business, but also provide raw data on future trends also.

  • And, the cherry on the top is that Google does all this work for free. Now, what better way to promote your business and that’d without spending a penny.


Okay, so in a wrap, I would like to say “You Can’t Grow Your Business Without Google”. Period.

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