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Family Bonding Time

Nowadays, parents regularly complaints that their kids won’t sit with them and participates in the family gatherings. The complaints about their video games addiction as how their children spend their free time playing video games.

And, in this situation, numerous parents snatches gaming access from their kids. But, that’s not the solution of the problem as by doing this your children will become more rebellious. So, parents, you need to act smart here and instead of leaving your kid to play games alone, you have to play along with them.

Yep, play games together with your kids, by doing this you can monitor the activities of your kid and can even bond with them. This is the perfect solution for the modern age parents because people today it is impossible to separate young generation from the technology. So, why not make technology a common link to bind the whole family.

Video Games For Toddler’s

Oh, yes, toddlers are the most curious and energetic people. They get highly fascinated with the cool graphics features of video games. But, they are still very young, so full-fledged video game is very difficult for them to understand yet.

So, to bond with your little one try to play short and simple games with them. The games which doesn’t require much knowledge and should contain something entertaining for the toddlers. Something like LearnCodeOnline new games, Save The Smiley and Ninja Mission. You can also play educational games with your toddler to provide them some useful information.

Video Games For Adolescent’s

Well, if your kids are grown up and love to play cool Nintendo games, then your bonding options are endless. Such as:

Mario Kart 8

This game is by far best video game that whole family can enjoy together. The 2-4 players can play this racing game together, which mean one round of Mario Kart 8 is a good place to chill in the evening with the family. Moreover, graphics and features of the game are very kids friendly. So, you can easily organize Sunday brunches and hangouts with your friends and their kids.

Skylanders: Trap Team

So, want to catch few villains with your family this weekend, then you need the latest version of Trap Team series. Trap Team is the fourth entry in Activision’s annual Skylanders franchise, and it’s the best of the bunch so far. This is a full action pack game that can hook your whole clan with it.

LittleBigPlanet 3

Well, this game is loaded with the cuteness, as adorable Sackboy is super cute. So, if you have a little girl and boy in the home, then this is the perfect game for you. As the game is divided into two parts, Adventure part which will be loved by your young man and the DIY part which helps your little princess to create her own rounds.

So, parents stop scolding your kids about spending too much time in front of screens.  Instead, join them and teach them right method and schedule to play video games. Because family who plays together, always stays together!

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