Let’s Understand the Phenomena of Cyberbullying


What is a Cyberbullying?

Being online is the new favorite place for technology century teenagers. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the new playgrounds of today’s kids. Instead of interacting with their friends face facing this generation opt for virtual communication. The teenagers are the hub of curiosity which when mixes with unprotected cyber world surges an explosion. This explosion is called as Cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is like a normal day bullying, where one kid threats or harasses another kid to show his power. But, unlike so-called real life bullying, this cyberbullying left the deep mark on your life. As the whole world is knitted in the worldwide web where your humiliation is subjected for everyone’s amusement. Cyberbullying maybe not damage you physically, but 90% of nowadays kids can’t handle the mental pressure of bullying. And, they think that ending their life is a better escape route.

The problem of cyberbullying is very deep-rooted and highly affecting our next generation. As according to stats, in the US 34% of high school and middle school children are subjected to cyberbully. And, in UK half of the adolescents have suffered from it and 11% of insane peers admit being involved in this act. So, this problem is very critical and we all have to work together to solve this issue. As both who is bullying or the person who is subject to it required proper counseling for that.  We have few basic guidelines for the parents of adolescents to check the online activities of their children.

Traits of Cyberbullied Children:

  • Your child suddenly starts to stay alone.
  • The academic grades of your starts to fall.
  • He or she spends more time in front of computer screen.
  • Sudden deformation in your child’s appearance and physical health.
  • Your child starts to bunk school more often.
  • Showing aggressive behavior at home or being cranky without any reason.

Preventive Measures against Cyberbullying;

If your child or you yourself relates to any of the above-mentioned traits, then you need to be on high alert. You need to use following preventive precautions:

#Immediately log out of your social media account, but not before taking a screenshot of bullying.

#Block the person who is bullying you and don’t try to talk further with the respected person.

#If possible take break from your smart devices for few days.

#Never share your personal information and pictures with the stranger you found on social media.

#Don’t get scared of false threats and immediately talk to an adult about this.

#Nowadays every police department has established separate cyber cell to handle these cyber bullies. So, never hesitate to file a report against these maniac bullies.

#Always use safe web browsing and never use internet on your device without proper antivirus system.

Safety is always first priority:

As per the Centers for Disease Control lists suicide as one of the leading causes of death among kids aged 15-19 years. In the UK, half of youth suicides are sourced to bullying.  So, if you don’t want to become mere figures to express suicide ratio, we all need to raise voice against Cyberbullying. It is a social issue, so that’s why we all need to take right initiatives against this civil crime. We all need to do something in our range to protect our next generation from the wrath of Cyberbullying.

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