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If you are managing your own website, then the only thing that always revolves in your mind is how to rank your website on Google. So, today in this post, we will figure out how the Google ranking system works.

Before understanding the Google ranking system, you have to clear a few terminologies;

Search Engines –

Search engines are the specific tools which are used to search or identify particular information based on the specific keywords by the users from the vast database present on the world wide web. For example; Google, Yahoo!, Bing.

Search Engine Index –

The specific database which is created to define different keywords in the context of different websites is known as a search engine index. This index enables search engines to locate a particular website related to the searched keywords by the user. Such as, if you search for the top ten programming laptops, then the search engine will show you websites which are linked to this keyword.

Web Crawler –

To rank your website on the search engine, you have to befriend the web crawler of that search engine. A web crawler is a program created by search engines in which they navigate all the websites present on the internet. In this program, all the pages of your website are crawled by the search engine and indexed according to the keywords. Every search engine has its own crawling program named crawler, Robot, SearchBot or simply a Bot. The Google web crawler is named GoogleBot.

Robots.txt file –

Web crawlers can crawl to any website present on the internet without permission. However, if you don’t want your website to be crawled or want to restrict certain part of your website from getting indexed, then you can use Robots.txt file. This file will restrict web crawlers from indexing or visiting the restricted part on your website.

PageRank Algorithm

PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimation of how important the webpage is. When web crawler checks a website, then it goes over all the links present on the website and then it assigns a percentage to each link connected to it. The percentage calculated by web crawler of each webpage determines the rank of your website on the search engine.

For example, suppose there are three websites named A, B and C. The website B has five links connect to it, but all the links have a low percentage value. On the other hand, website C is connecting to website A which has a high percentage so web crawler is going to rank site C above website B.

So, mainly there are three steps involved in the procedure of web crawler. Such as;

  • The first step begins when the search bot crawls to find the website link on the internet.
  • In the second step, web crawler identified the content of the website and scroll through every keyword and index the site according to the related keywords.
  • Lastly, web crawler identifies all the links related to your website and then, finally ranks your website on the search engine.

Important Points Considered by Web Crawler

Web crawler considers the following questions before ranking your website.

  • How many times has keyword appeared in your post?
  • Do the words appear in the title, in the URL, directly adjacent?
  • Does the page include synonyms for these words?
  • Is this page a quality website or low quality?

So, if you want to rank your website higher on the search engine, then do follow all these questions very strictly because the future of your website depends upon them. In short, if you want a successful website, then you have to befriend web crawler.

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