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Let’s ease out our few worries

Hello, readers, today we are going to look at my biggest problem. Well, you see I like to separate my personal and professional lives. That’s why I have two email accounts, one that I provide to my clients and other which I used to log in my social media accounts. You see people having multiple email accounts isn’t any problem, the issues arise when you have to manage them.

Opening both email accounts separately used to waste my lots of time. But, like my all other problems, Google has a solution for this also. With the Google Gmail app, I can now easily switch between my both accounts on my Android phone. So, like me, if you are also suffering from multiple email accounts management disorder. Then let me share my experience with you all.

Addition of Extra email accounts

Okay, so if you think it’s simple to add multiple email accounts to Gmail app. Then, no dear you have to do some tricks on your Android device to add multiple email accounts to it. The simple steps to add account are mentioned ahead:

  1. Of course first of all open Gmail app on your Android phone.
  2. Then swipe right from the left side corner of your screen.
  3. In the sidebar, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Settings and tap on it.
  4. Then tap over the Add Account option.
  5. Then select Google or Personal account.
  6. After completing the Account wizard setup you are ready to run two email accounts. But, to manage them together, you need to do something more.

Art to manage multiple email accounts in one Gmail app

So, like a fairy godmother, Google has sorted out all our e-mail account management disorder. Now, if you have two or more then two IMAP/POP accounts, then you can manage them together. By, following the above steps add as many email accounts you want to in Gmail app. Once you have added email accounts, you will view a left side work panel in the Gmail app.

To switch between your multiple Gmail or personal accounts, you need to swipe right from the left corner of Gmail app.  At the top of the sidebar, you should see small bubbles representing all of your accounts. You can tap a bubble to quickly switch between accounts. Using bubble setting you can switch immediately between your multiple email accounts.

To ease your life, even more, you will get one more option from Google. In the bubble setting, you can see one option with the All Mail. If you tap that entry, you’ll see a universal inbox for your Google Mail accounts only. So, need to switch as here all your email accounts messages will be stored.

So, folks this feature of Google has sorted out my life million times. That’s why I highly recommend this method to switch between your multiple email accounts to run your life chaos free.

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